Friday, August 12, 2005

12:47 am
Birthdays are huge deals for me. I try to remember friends and family members’ birthdays as much as I can. Like what I’ve said a million times, birthdays are different from other special occasions like Christmas and Valentines since birthdays are something someone "owns". If my sentiments are like these, can you just imagine how I fuss over MY birthday?

I turned another year old today. I can definitely say that I am now wiser, more knowledgeable, smarter, more mature, OCier, trickier, sweeter, and more loving than the year before. I am very thankful for the 27 wonderful years that God has given me. There were occasional humps and even bumps on the road but it was generally a very sweet ride.

Marge asked me yesterday afternoon "How does it feel to be 27?" I answered in one word: UNLEASHED.

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