Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I might as well kiss the iPhone goodbye.

I learned today that iPhone will finally reach Philippine shores LEGALLY this year courtesy of the other company. Singtel is the one who made the deal so it is but natural to have its Philippine affiliate distribute it.


Even if I am not TOO happy about the news, it's still a great score for the Philippines to finally get hold of one of the most coveted gadgets ever (even if it is more than a year late and not 3G-capable...YET). I hope that this introduction will also usher the launch of iTunes Music & App Store in the Philippines! THAT I am excited about!

Read all the iPhone Philippines hoopla here.


***-=_ ^ sWallow my pRide ^_=-*** said...

cool site

pao said...

ayaw mo pagtiyagaan yung mga murang iphones na mabibili sa tabi-tabi? joke! :lol:

Abbie said...

Haha! :D
Winner ka talaga, Pao! Ingat!

Helga said...

Oh, I'm guessing you're with Smart haha

Abbie said...

Hi, Helga! :D

Yup, yup!

Ade said...

Don't worry though, the iPhone sucks. Really. ;)

K said...

You'll get dizzy with the hundreds of software programs to download.

To be honest, iPhone is just a nice gadget, better interface, better browser, big screen - but the battery sucks!

Ok, I still love my iPhone - people would always say, "how cool". So meaning, cool people like you will luv it.

Abbie said...

Ade: Haha! Thanks for the comment. :) I probably wouldn't get the hang of texting with my fingers though. Saw my friends do it and ang hirap.

K: iPhone is a cool fashion accessory (so it seems). *wink*