Monday, May 19, 2008

It all came down to this.

David vs. David. Cook vs. Archuleta. Bartender vs. Student.

This is the first all-male American Idol Finale since Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken (Season 2) and one of the most exciting in recent memory. Any of the two can win this. No front runner, no underdog, winner takes all.

David Cook and David Archuleta


1. There will be three (3) songs for each of the Davids on Performance Night on Tuesday. First will be Clive Davis' song choice, Contestant's choice and the winning American Idol Songwriters Competition song.

2. They can choose to reprise a song or sing a new one for the Contestant's Choice. If Cookie will do a reprise, I bet (and hope) that he'll choose one of his wow-songs like "Hello", "Billie Jean", or "Always Be My Baby". Archey will probably choose his safe-but-effective "Imagine".

3. There are rumors that they can make new arrangements for the American Idol Songwriters Competition Song unlike last year.

4. Top AI All-Star Bloggers like Rickey.org and MJ's Big Blog already made their bets and predictions. Most of them will vote for Cook but are predicting an Archuleta win. Weird.

5. Everyone knows that whoever David will win on Wednesday, Cook will STILL REMAIN as the most successful Season 7 IDOL.

[EDIT - May 20, 7:30 PM - additional finale spoilers from MJ's Big Blog on Tuesday's song choices. 9 hours to go before the curtains!]

6. Archey will reprise Lennon's "Imagine" (See? I Told you, guys!) which he sang during the Top 20/70's Night. This was confirmed by Nigel on Ryan Seacrest's KISS radio show last week. David Cook will sing U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I Am Looking For". Cookie is the first-ever Idol who got a clearance to sing a U2 song. Wow! This was reported by FOX News.

7. The Davids picked their own Coronation Song from the Top 10 Most Popular Songs from the American Idol Songwriters Competition from the 20 that were available for voting weeks ago. No idea which song they chose.

8. Simon in the Tonight Show With Jay Leno said that he doesn't care who wins Season 7 but if he will pick somebody it has to be David Cook. He said that "he's been around for awhile, he's paid his dues". Listen to Simon, America! :D


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  1. But David will win.


  2. You betcha, Ade! DAVID will win! :D

  3. DC FTMFW!!!!!! i'm soooooo excited for tomorrow's show!!!! astig, he'll sing U2?! *triple excitement*

  4. Yup, U2! :D As Rickey said: "the making of a Rock Star!"

  5. Cook is it! He's the real thing. (How's that for sponsor plugging, haha)

    Seriously this guy's gonna win it. Have you heard his Pre-AI songs? Pretty damn smooth, that guy. He sounds like Dave Matthews sometimes.

  6. Yey! Hope he wins!

    Archey really made some beautiful songs last night...but he's still a KID! Hehe!

    Check this out:


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