Sunday, February 15, 2004

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I was in total daze the whole afternoon and was truly looking forward to spending the weekend in the comforts of my room. So dazed and jaded that it TRULY slipped my mind that the reason for the dozens of flowers surrounding the confines of our office was because of Valentine's (I thought someone is just celebrating her birthday thus the flowers. It finally dawned on me when I saw the third dozen of roses at a desk near Takano's). His secretary laughed at my "sudden" awareness of "the worldwide event" and its connection with the damn flowers. She also said: "Ohmygod! Valentines and boyfriendless?", to which I replied: "Yeah, two years and counting..."

After that, I went back to my desk feeling low. This is NOT me. I used to be one of those mushy romantic types who truly digs flower deliveries, sappy poems and the like. I cannot accept the fact that I'm becoming cynical on the notions of love and falling in love. It's not bitterness (as I assume most of you are thinking), it's actually indifference. DEDMA. Love is slowly becoming a peculiar word in my dictionary.

So, I've thought.

To say that my world is different now is quite understated.
Seemingly harmless Friday night dinner and drinks suddenly became rituals that we look forward to. They say that familiarity breeds contempt...but I think otherwise. Familiarity and constant togetherness breeds something else. Something wonderful, actually.

Thirty minutes before "closing time"...while I'm anticipating the relaxing night I'm planning for myself...*kaboom* here comes my boss (not Rache but the bigger boss) asking me to do an impromtu design presentation with the other BIG bosses. Huh? To make the story short...it took 2 hours before I was finally "released". To my surprise, my otherwise impatient friends/officemates are still waiting for me. They asked me to our usual Friday night ritual that I'm planning to skip. Heck, its late anyway so might as well join them for dinner and drinks.

Well, I am glad that I came *surprise surprise*...

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  1. Your writing style has evolved. Happy Blog Birthday!

  2. Thanks, Migs!

    THIS is actually one of my better posts from yesteryears. I used to love the "*" and the "..." in sentences. Waah!


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