Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Mighty One, Two Towers, Three's a Crowd, Row Four, Jackson Five, Saiz, Magic Seven, Crazy Eight, Lucky Nine...

...and the plot thickens!

"It's our new toy" as per Mr. Magellan (referring to the wonders of Net Meeting via Windows). Creativity is TRULY limitless with my mighty friends. We never fail to amuse each other with innovative ways of connecting and touching lives. *grins*

There was the "conscience voice" (which will be revealed after the LAST mighty standing bid his adieu), the YM Conference Nights (where Paul always disconnects), WinPop ("PoP!!!"), the Yahoo! Groups (with the more popular Yahoo! Photos) and now the Net Meeting by Mr. Magellan. Galeeeng!

The Mighty Fridays @ Paseo also evolved. Before, it was only limited to after-dinner drinks where we all listen ceaselessly to the "The Wonders of Being Dennis Cole" and be entertained by Wenger's 'after-three-bottles-of-strong-ice' funny antics. "Feeling ko ako si Super Mario! Now it turned into a regular-I-look-forward-event every week where we brave the impossible traffic of SLEX to Alabang just to have a taste of North Park's Yang Chow! There were also several strike- anywhere-h2h (Breton! Breton!) when the need arises. I vividly remember waking up with a splitting headache with memories of Tequila Joe's nachos combined with Pancake's Pan Chicken! Arrrrrgh! It was a nice feeling....actually. The NOT nice feeling is the 'nagging thought' that you have at the back of your mind while you text your boss about some lame excuse why you are NOT at work again.

Who cares, anyway?
Well, YOUR mighty friends do! They actually care...and up to a certain degree
...they actually love you!

H2H and Bonding. Taken at Tequila Joe's ATC and Pancake House Madrigal Ave. with Lee, Cols, Kaye, She, Reg and Paul (4.22.04)

With ALL THESE in mind...can I leave them? Can they leave me?

Dansel - For posing - as if you know that this is here. Haha! I'll miss you, Gf mare!
Kaye - For the nice shot! Galeng! You are truly gifted with so many talents! Mana ka with Olen! Naks! Kaya don't waste it there. Ooops!

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