Saturday, May 01, 2004

Nothing beats the first...

There are so many things that I want to write since the day I filed. So many thoughts to ponder on, so many things to consider and so many confused and mixed feelings.

The Resignation
If you ask me if it was an impulsive move, YES it was! Until now I haven't fully absorbed that a month from now, I will no longer be a part of the once exciting yet challenging HCPI. However, the decision to resign was not impulsive. In fact, it was long-delayed already. I've been contemplating for a year now. I recall certain incidents a year ago where I asked friends for job recommendation and leads. But things are still raw last year, so plans were put on hold for the meantime.

The second wave of my urge to resign was last September when I suddenly became "out of it". I blamed it to quarter-life crisis and all those crap, but I now know fully well what happened that time. Screwed is definitely an understatement. If you are a reader of my other blog, you will know why and what. Anyway, the plan was aborted yet again because Rache gave me and Lee trunkloads of work for the CR-V 4WD launch. Though, I attended interviews for the now-revealed attempt to get into Honda Cars Makati (as if hindi alam ng mga tao yon 'no) as Imee's replacement for Marketing Services Officer and some bank's Marketing position, I still stayed and remained faithful with HCPI. The bank kept on calling and offering until January but I stood ground and refused. The HCMI job is another story. I like it and it wil be a good career move if it was offered to me. However, though qualified, HCMI management doesn't want to cross with HCPI if they get me. Huh?! Screw that.

As we prepare for the transfer to Sta. Rosa last December, I knew it within me that I will not last long. I was happy since I'm moving back to my parents house and will be reconnected to my old girly room. I will definitely miss my Alfaro Nights but I welcome the change. As I think about the our last Christmas Party at AAV, I can't help but be sad since that was the last time we were all together. Clod and Voltz were still with us then, and so is Carvajal, Jonas and Marantan. The end is definitely near.

Christmas Party of 2003 @ Takano-san's AAV abode

This is waaaay TOO intense! To be continued...

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