Thursday, May 20, 2004


After five (5) days of being pampered and 'babied', I went back to reality today. The first sign of my 'bouncing back' is the early morning calls I got from Rache (my soon-to-be ex boss) and Mark (our tour operator). They are on their way to Cebu for the long-delayed CRD Incentive Trip when they rang (Who cares about my recovering injured finger?! Work is work --- well, that's Honda for you!). I was the one who made the proposal and all the arrangements for the trip (in purple-pink background color to boot!). I was supposed to come and accompany the 27 dealer associates to exciting Shang Mactan but I filed my resignation before the trip, so dyahe naman if I will still go, diba? Apparently, the calls were about the ten (10) participants who were left behind at the NAIA2. Geez! Well, what's that? As if I can do anything! Anyway, from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm they did nothing but bombard my cell with inquiries, arrangements, complaints that are so so petty and trivial! All of 'em! Even the dealer-associates!

> Is the cheque for Shangri-La Mactan ready?
> Is the cheque for CNM Travels ready since Cholo is now on his way to Sta. Rosa.
> Where is the greener pasture you are going to? How about Lee?
> Where is the director's chair that I won? Geez! This was last year! Whathappened?!
> This is one of the best: Are there changes in the itinerary? Since Mark is not following what I've given to the dealers! Ah eh, baket kaya hindi na lang sila mag-usap ni Mark? Since they are BOTH in Cebu and I am lying in my bed sleeping?!
> Cebu is fun! It would be better if you are here!
> Abs, why are the incidentals going to be charged to us?
> I will mishu! No taking back of that resignation?
> Eww! Biatch talaga! I simply agree! Truly a b-e-e-yatch!
> Abbie, hindi daw sasagutin ni Mark yung gimmick tomorrow?
> Abbie, don't worry I will not let your group down! Good, good!

Ahhh! Whatev! LABO ha! Anyway, there's still a tiny-itsie-bitsie part of me that wish that I am there now in sunny Cebu rather than here in rainy ol' Laguna. Speaking of which, I just realized that I've never been on a real vacation this summer. With all the fuss on my resignation, job hunt and injury, I've never been out in the sun this year. I'm supposed to join the Mightys in Bataan last Saturday but the freakin' accident prevented me. How I long for La Boracay! :)


Bouncing back means going back to the hunt again. I had three interview sched for today but I only showed up for one. Yeah, make the most out of my sick leave! The first and second company is for a Marketing Officer job. Tne first is for a big multi-national that is Chinese-owned while the second is in disguise through a headhunter. (I am not a believer of headhunting firms until Kelly got into BMW through one. Hah!) The last company, the one I went to this evening is....*secret* I am not going to tell this one YET until I have something concrete and definite. Let's hope that this one will materialize.

Oh! If there's one thing that I'm quite dependent these days, its transportation. My mom and dad were kind enough to bring me to and from the interview site since it's so so so hard for me! I can't even bring my portfolio case on one hand and at the same time talk on my cellphone using the other hand! We had a quick dinner at Yoshinoya after my interview and I must admit that the food is ooh-lala! Try their beef bowl, iced green tea and potato salad. The only downside? Heart Evangelista as endorser! Sorry to all Heart followers out there...but gimme a break! Her again?!



What was Aileen thinking? :)

Mutual Admiration Club, anyone?
I was also the one who nominated her for the same 'honor and award'.

Time for a new phone?
I am truly loyal to my trusty Nokia 3650 but I am having so many incovenience with its battery life and charging these days. Can I just buy another one like it? Pathetic. How about its 3660 brother like Dansel's and Paul's? Actually, I'm kindda amused with the kikay Nokia 7200 (Nokia's first-ever flip phone). The letdown? No bluetooth! Whataretheythinking?! How about Sony Ericsson?! NO WAY! Not this time, sistah.

New Mags - Must Have!
Cosmopolitan 7th Year Issue with Mylene Dizon as cover (May 2004)
So many nice stuff! Buy your copy now! :) I will share some if I have the time.

Entrepreneurship (May 2004)
Nice topics! From cyberspace legal isssues to setting up your biz for only 50 grand.

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