Saturday, May 22, 2004


I went to work this morning and was greeted by empty seats at the Corp Comm area (Where are the people in the neighborhood?! Even Tin and Ces are in absentia). Then it dawned on me that Lee and Coleen are no longer in the office since they are already resigned (and are still probably in deep slumber at 7:30 in the morning). I asked one of the girls where is She, Kaye and Dans and I was told that they are on-leave! Oh! Bummer! So...who's there to greet me?! None other than Ms. Sexy, the Fruit and Ervin! Wow! Nice welcome committee! Good thing Bim saved me and asked about our meeting with the database supplier in the afternoon.

A few minutes after, here comes Dans with her usual dedma look amidst the sea unwanted elements in the office. So nice to see Gf-Mare! Apparently, she and She were in the clinic filing their SLs and stuff! *sigh of relief* How I miss the girls and the Mightys! Such nice reunion! Olen came around 9am to burn, burn and burn. So many news, chikas, anticipation for the result of the evaluation and the like. I had a taste of Choco Butternut of Dunkin Donuts during break (Hey Reg! Have you heard? There's already a Dunkin' booth at the cafe!) and "Beef Surprise" during lunch --- eww I'm back! Cafeteria nightmare strikes again!

I'm posting here one of Dansel's message to us that clearly reflects what I am feeling. Hope you don't mind, gf!

"u know what guys, reality hit hard when i came in to work last friday morning... there wasn't any mighty in sight! although they eventually came in a little later, i was thinking, what life would be like after every single mighty has gone their own way. and it made me... sad."

Paul and Lee went to the office to get their clearances and they made yaya to Alabang. The infamous evaluation finally came through for some of us or the exact term maybe "to some of them" I guess congratulations are in order. : )

Soar high, fly high...aim for the stars!

Patty, Jr. Sup to Mid
My dear batchmates Gina and Kaye, Weng, She, Verna, Tin, Ces GS3 to 4
Bim : ), Jr. Sup to GREATER EXELLENCE, fight!!!

To celebrate, pour our troubles or simply hang-out, we went to Gerry's Grill for dinner at ATC and Congo (as usual) for dinks. Oh!!! How I miss the Mightys!

Pics to follow...

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