Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My favorite "sport" is back in town! I've been itching to update and blog since the selection started but  I was drowned with work and other personal projects (eg. journaling) but the time has come for me to blog about Binibining Pilipinas 2018!

The highlight of the year is the big comeback of Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray as Binibining Pilipinas #20. THE Miss Universe crown is for her lose. I know that there are a couple of others who are blossoming here and there but I know that the crown is hers to lose come March 19, Finals Night.

Now for this year's National Costumes. I must say that this is one of the best National Costumes in recent years. The variety is just so good and I am happy to say that the long phase for the usual Maria Claras and Ternos are long gone. The National Costume Show was held last Saturday, March 3, at the KIA Theater. 

Here are my favorites from this year's batch:

#29 Samantha Kaye Avestruz
Binibini #29 Samantha Kaye Avestruz (by 
This is a true work of art. I am in awe! This was selected in the Top 10 and I'll be surprised if this will not be declared as the BEST (unless the fan votes make up the majority of the selection).

#19 Michele Gumabao
Binibini #19 Michele Gumabao (by Nat Manilang)
Michele is a good friend and I am happy that she is doing really well in the pageant. I'm very fond of Black Filipianas and this is just wonderfully done. There are two other black Filipinianas in the show but this one is the best. This is also the dress & presentation that (I think) established Michele as a true frontrunner.

#11 Aya Abesamis
Binibini #11 Aya Abesamis (by Chico Estiva)
I am not a fan of Aya but this is a very nice piece. The colors are nice and her body looks great on it.

#20 Catriona Elisa Gray
Binibini #20 Catriona Grey (by Designer: Jearson Demavivas)
A princess creation made for a princess. Frontrunner all the way! The legions of fans (me included) will not allow Cat NOT to get the NatCos Award - among other things. 

#17 Ma. Ahtisa Manalo
Binibini #17 Ahtisa Manalo (by Designer: Mikee Andrei)
I loved the cut and design of this gown. But its very yellow which can be very overwhelming for some (anti-dilawans?).

Here are my two other notable mentions (runners-up)...

#38 Karen Gallman #35 Sandra Lemonon

Karen Gallman's Maria Clara was very usual but it's still stunning on her. Sandra Lemonon's NatCos was also hailed as one of the top creations but I have issues with her legs with it. They are definitely not flattering. I saw a photo of this with her on Tippy Tops-like shoes and it was very nice. 

Almost all of my favorites made it to the Top 10 National Costume except for Ahtisa and Karen. I really hope that Samantha's costume will win for its uniqueness and the designer's fresh output and interpretation. BUT I think the honors will go to either Michele or Catriona - especially if the fan votes will play a big role OR if it's the only criteria. 

Six days to go until the crowning! Can't wait! I'll be spending the next few days in deep thought on who will deserve by Final Eight.

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