Sunday, May 30, 2004


Due to my finger accident, my activities became very limited. I have to drag myself each morning to work (rare days if I may say) and my bed practically became my bestfriend. Even tinkering in my PC is quite becoming a tedious task these days. Tsk, tsk, tsk! Haaay! Anyway, I kindda postponed all activities, get-together, gimmicks and other little shindigs with my friends since the freakin' bandaged hand is soooo annoying. To somehow give life to my ho-hum existence in the past few days, my mom dragged me and the entire family to Alabang last Saturday for some good ol' shopping. She bought her south seas (wooohhhooo! something new to borrow!) while I bought some 'fashion accessories' (read: those nasty earrings) which I'm afraid will become so-so when I finally get back on track (Aileen! I have to use it somehow, right?! Aww!).

Nasty-nice-kick-ass loops! I lurvvvve it!

We went to Festival Mall to check out the pearls haven downstairs. It's such a goody to know that they are now selling those ultra-cool fashion trinkets in multitudes aside from the pearlies. I even bought Gabbie three fancy bracelets which she now proudly wear wherever she go. We had dinner at some Jap resto which used to be good but seem to love their oyster sauce and sesame oil these days. I have to order another batch of California Makis so I can finally...breathe! Wheew!

A family's day out is not compelete without dropping by at Petron Mega, SLEX. Bought another gadget mag (ugh! its all blah, blah, blah), some lollipops for Gabbie and popping candies for her dad (sheesh, my brother never grew up!). We went to Starbucks, they all had coffee, drinks and eclairs while I read my mag. I took some sip of mom's Passion Iced Tea (with Lemonade) that tastes really really bad. Remember those cough syrup when we were kids? Same after taste! Eww!

My sis-in-law Chay, Gabbie & Me (see my bandaged right hand?)
Gabbie and her WOW bracelets
Mom and Gabbie @ Starbucks Petron Mega
Papa and her "new" favorite "daw"

While at Starbucks, I saw those blue tumblers/water bottle again. I'm tempted to buy since I like to pair it with my bigger-ala-dextrose water canteen that Bugs (there! I finally said who it was from!) gave me last year. Nagdalawang isip ako since Patty told me that I can buy one from SM at only P90 (replica/imitation though)! Geeez!

Oh! We were supposed to watch Shrek 2 but Papa is the impatient-not- the- movie going type so we ended not watching. Too bad since I was really looking forward to it. It's the favorite topic of practically all bloggers these days. Hah!

My niece Gabbie with her favorite Ronald McD! Gawd, she's in tube - fashionista at two!

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