Wednesday, June 23, 2004

:: CALL ME ::

*Warning: this is another tale of my crazy jobhunt.

I had computer assessment exams this morning at a well-known and highly successful call center company in the country today. Some of my friends might frown upon this option who thinks it's a dead-end employment to work in such. Sheesh, think whatever you want but let's see who's smiling wider every 15th and 30th. Haha! I'm not saying that I am actually plunging and joining the call center bandwagon BUT it's definitely an option and is really really tempting : ) I applied for a good position and will not actually be fielding (not directly anyway) any calls. I will basically handle people, be in nocturnal shift (I'm not complaining and will even welcome it), will have training in the US with the client, unlimited Internet access with top of the line PCs from Dell, will have slangish accent, have quarterly performance reviews and can be promoted to higher heights in a short period of time --- so, how bad can it get? *wink*

After taking the test this opinion and impression of call center people (even agents) from this particular company immediately changed. The test is not a laughing matter! A friend told me that it was easy...yes - I can agree that it was - on a certain level. The exam is a fusion of everything! For the experienced employee, it may be easy but it will not guarantee a passing score. You may know your english grammar and spelling but you might not know what a LAN and a wi-fi is. Or you might be a techie person and can operate a PC with your eyes shut but can be lousy in the "extra mile" in customer service. Versatility, flexibility, inclination to the Internet and PC and a touch of "sincerity" in customer service will do the trick! There were around 15 who took the test and only two of us passed the exam. I have another interview that I have to go through and if I ace that, a job offer offer will soon follow.


Before I continue...I hope that RAIN (of HCP) is reading this! I guess we both got lucky today...hooray for June 15! Haha! Anyway, I got a call this afternoon from the VP of one of my options and I will have my job offer from their company tomorrow. Whew...job offer! This will be my second and I'm quite nervy on this one because I'm sure that I have to suspend my decision for quite some time since I'm still waiting for the feedback of two other companies and I'm still weighing my options. This company is good. It's a multi-national, not that stressful (so I've been told), can pay ooohhlalala, my boss is good, nice and agreeble but the working environment is not what I am accustomed to. Salary might not be a question but job satisfaction may be. Well, that will be a BIG CASE for me since I'm truly passionate on how I stimulate and satisfy my senses on the work that I do. Since I deprived myself of an MBA education (yeah, thanks to my ex-company), it's also truly important for me to learn new and brilliant things while I work, so job satisfaction is definitely on top of my list. Hmmm, on second thought, if the work is a no-brainer and not stressful...I might be able to enroll in Ateneo. Hmm...

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