Friday, June 25, 2004


A friend texted me yesterday afternoon and kiddingly (hah! kiddingly?) said that I am naughty. Well, for the record, I am N-I-CE and not a bad person. Meaning --- I'm generally a good person - I don't have any criminal (nor civil) offense to speak of, never did and will never do drugs (heck, I don't even drink or smoke), an obedient, grateful child of my parents, can be trusted with your money or even your life (depending on who you are), willing to do an extra mile for a friend in need, honest to goodness and will even help an elderly to cross the street. I'm generally nice BUT I'm also a person who can be bitchy if moments calls for it or if I'm put the limits. I can be cranky, pouty, bitchy, snoby but never be ill-mannered or bastos. This post is going NOWHERE...please forgive me. I'm just undergoing some issues right now that I have to deal with (but can't exactly write it). I have one question though, if a guy fought with a that acceptable? I'm not talking about bf/gf spats but grand ungentleman all-out shoutfest with two unrelated, practically unknown to each other girl and guy? Answer me please. By the way, to my friend who texted me 'naughty' yesterday...this is not about you and your text (nagkataon lang na nice opening intro yung text mo). Haha! OH...lastly...YES...I can be a little schemer. : )

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