Saturday, June 05, 2004


I can't believe I am making this post. *laughs* In a matter of minutes I'll be glued to our TV to watch Star Circle TEEN Quest. Geez, this is freaky. To think I don't believe in television (one of the reasons why I am catching up just now with all those past TV series like Friends, Felicity and Dawson's).

Hero, Roxanne, Sandara, Joross and Melissa with the other questors
Who will make it?

Star Circle Quest is a reality TV show by ABS-CBN that aims to search for the 'next big stars'. Kids and teens alike have undergone series of workshops, tests and adventures to determine who will be "it". The winner, also called 'Grand Questor', will be announced tonight. They have three jurors who will eliminate and decide who among them fits the bill. Other qualifiers are actors votes, members of the press votes and the controversial public vote through SMS or through the PLDT number (that Sandara always wins).

Anyway, more post later...have to watch now!

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