Sunday, June 06, 2004

:: HERO'S DAY ::

It's definitely HERO's day. What? Hero who?!

Hero Angeles just won as Grand Questor for Star Circle Quest...and I believe that he truly deserves it. It's another Cinderella Story with lots of talents in between. After a grueling and lenghty two hours and a half show, he emerged as the winner beating Sandara, Roxanne, Joross and Melissa. He's my personal favorite and I couldn't agree more with the judges. Nash Aguas won in the Kids category earlier today which is a big disappintment. My favorite Mikylla came in last! Whhaat?

Everyone's HERO

Crowd's darling Sandara Park (nice name!) almost made it because of her gazillion of fans and oozing charisma except that she lacks the talent to truly make it. But hey, who can beat the money she brought to ABS-CBN with all her votes? The week when she was almost voted out, she received 500,000++ text votes - which was claimed to be the highest number of texts that was ever received by any SMS contests or surveys on Philippine television. Mean feat! Anyway, she did well with her production number earlier and somehow "saved" her from the numerous flaws she had in the last two weeks. The Asian look is back, thanks to this half-Korean girl. As for the others - Roxanne, Joross and Melissa. Well, they will definitely go places! Plus, they are instant millionaires now, whew!

Enough of Star Circle Quest.
Back to reality.

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