Monday, June 28, 2004


I attended Nanie and Leonie's wedding last Saturday at the majestic church of St. Polycarp. Leonie is a dear friend of mine who I've met through PREX. We are not really the best of friends but we constantly share scerets, stories of our lives, tales on men who broke our hearts and work and career advices. We once vowed that we will invite each other on our weddings no matter what happened and wherever we are. Before she went to Canada two years ago, she got together with Councilor Nanie and I kindda lost touch with her when she went to Winnipeg. Our communication were limited to e-mails and Friendster messages. Anyway, I am truly happy that my friend finally found her happiness and true love in Nanie. She walked down the aisle in fog-like fashion (thanks to the smoke machine) with the classic song "Ikaw". I had goosebumps all over when I saw her walking towards the altar! It was truly dreamlike! Leonie is even more beautiful than usual in her off-shoulder gown with long long train. I also had a tiny part on their wedding since they asked me to read a verse from the Book of Paul for the Second Reading.

Nanie and Leonie...BEST WISHES! : )


I'm saving moolah for a nice pair of pointed pumps. I already saw some high-heeled mules at Via Venetto the other day at a reasonable (?!) price. I'll check out some more at Carbon @ GB3 since Kelly told me that she saw some nice-looking ones. Anyway, I would have really wanted these beauties from Nine West. It came with a shocking price though, but it's a fairly good investment anyway (hah!). Check the Nine West site for a peek of those nasty, candy-colored ones.

The Pointed Pumps @ Nine West



Jun 23, 2004, 18:25 AP

Take one exasperated Iranian woman. Add a computer. Hook it up to the internet. "And you have a voice in a country where it's very hard to be heard," said Lady Sun, the online identity of one of the first Iranian women to start a blog - a freeform mix of news items, commentaries and whatever else comes to mind.

Initially created to defy the nation's tight control on media, these web journals have turned into a cyber-sanctuary - part salon, part therapist's couch - for the vast pool of educated, young and computer-savvy Iranians.

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