Monday, June 28, 2004


A little over 5:00 this afternoon, an MRT coach bound for Taft Avenue suddenly stalled between the Guadalupe and Buendia stations because it suffered technical difficulties for still unknown reasons. The Lord up there once again took care of me since I was not on that unfortunate train this afternoon.

I rarely ride the MRT since I don't usually have any business in Manila or north of Makati. It's always been Makati and anything beyond that can be solved by asking someone to drive me or ride the trusty FX which can practically take you anywhere. I only commute via MRT if I'm rushing or traffic is bad. This afternoon after my interview at Pioneer Ave. in Boni, Mandaluyong, I rode the MRT since the station is very convenient to where I was. I was not really rushing since my next interview in Makati was hours away and I was actually killing time. I even spent 10-20 minutes at the platform area at the Boni station since all coaches were full. I was even analyzing the train tracks and even wondered what will I do if I fell off the platform into the tracks (yeah, weird me!).

Anyway, after minutes of dilly-dallying I finally had my coach and my MRT ride that took me to the Buendia station. Then just minutes after I arrived at the building where I'll be interviewed, I heard on the radio some explosion in one of the trains that injured two students. I prayed and thanked the Lord immediately --- give it a few more minutes and I'm probably the 3rd casualty! For sure I wouldn't be able to survive a stampede since I was wearing a very uncomfy suit, pumps, and I had with me my annoying Jelly Kelly bag! I was even carrying a huge clear file of my sample works and portfolio! Gee, my brother told me that I wouldn't be able to run given my issues at hand (literally and figuratively speaking). Anyway, I'm glad I was spared from any catastrophe. Thanks to Him.

7:49 PM (Manila Time) | Jun. 28, 2004
By Clarissa S. Batino ~ Inquirer News Service

A STUDENT was hurt as thousands of commuters were
left stranded and panicky when an overhead cable
of the Metro Rail Transit 3 between the Boni and
Guadalupe stations short-circuited, snapped, and
triggered an explosion during rush hour on Monday.



The cool night air is so refreshing! I love nights like this! :)

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