Wednesday, June 30, 2004


A month and a half ago I applied for an Ad & Promo Supervisor post at a well-known electronics and digital company. Sadly, I was not accepted for the position and it was truly a great disappointment. I'm ALMOST there. I even reached the panel interview. Anyway, being the goody-goody (hehe!) that I am, I think I made quite an impression with the other people there whom I've met during the interview and application process.

My reasons?

> I recenltly received a personalized invitation for a special screening of Spiderman2 at Greenbelt3 for tonight. Their sister company was the one who distributed the film internationally.

> I was considered for another position in one of their subsidiaries but I'm not really keen on the position.

> They asked me for referrals and recommendation for one of their other job openings. Hah!

So, I turned out quite well even if I was not accepted. Weird but funny.

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