Friday, July 23, 2004


You'll know that you're definitely getting old when you receive another wedding invitation from a friend your age. As for me, I got another invitation today from a from a very close friend. Surprisingly (well not really) this friend of mine is also getting me as one of her Secondary Sponsors, so it's not yet an actual invitation but like a 'save the date' kind of thing.

Anyway, this good friend is Mabel. I have known this girl forever. Even before the good ol' Canossa days. I remember meeting her and Vero in our Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group in church. We were still in grade school then and she even served as my "spy" to my childhood crush in their school. We used to be partners in singing "This Is The Day" and other charismatic songs. We transferred schools in Canossa and we eventually had a blast there. I recalled her great crush to Homer (umm, sorry Wate) that made her popular to all of our teachers because of Mrs. Barroso. Me, her and Apple used to make fun of those other girls who were also harboring feelings for Homer. It was such a bad habit and it went on until Senior year. There was also her uncanny ability to cheer me up (and dozens of our friends) whenever the need arises. And syempre I owe her so much with regard to the Big R (or should I say A?). From Freshman year until college and until this very moment, I thank her for her unflagging loyalty and priceless information. Spying is definitely her bestest quality. *grins*

As she help us countless of times in our lovelives... (there was me and him, Apple and Troy (Oooppppps! SORRY my dear friend. You know who you are), Annelynde and Mark, VN and Apple (Oooops again! Sorry in case Troy is reading this and to my dear friend my deepest apology again. You know who you are. Sticky situation, huh?) and Rylan and Essa)...well, I am just glad that my Maybelline finally found her forever in Walter. You truly deserve all the happiness that life has to offer. Best Wishes Walter and Mabel. You truly deserve each other. : ) Inunahan mo pa nga kaming lahat eh.

The wedding will be on December and our gown fitting will be in September. I hope that my no-rice-almost-Atkin's diet will work. *sigh* Isn't it lovely to get married in December? There's something dreamy and romantic in the December air, right? Plus everyone is in high spirits because of the holidays. I am definitely marrying in a December month. Hah!

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