Monday, July 05, 2004


Throughout my twenty-five years of existence, I've had quite a number of acquaintances and friends. But these bunch (see below!) are probably the bestest there is! With nothing better to do than tinker on my PC, I've decided to make some picture quilts / collages of my favorite people and our adventures (or misadventures). Hit it!

Our friendship started way back in Canossa gazillion years ago. Through thick and thin, through falling in love and mending of broken hearts, through career promotions and resignations, through first kisses and marriages, through going out and conquering the world to staying behind and waiting...our friendship has always been there for us. Life is definitely sweeter with Aileen, Ivy, Tin, Mitzi and Charo beside me. Now that we are miles apart from each other - it's always a comforting thought to know that they are just a YM away. Don't forget my Cokes, dears!

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One of them is my bestest friend. Another one is married to her. One is my Gf-Mare. Two are close friends of mine since the Legazpi days - who ended with each other. One I've known since childhood. Another was my other-half. One is the boyfriend of my other-half. Two are former classmates. One is my future Best Man. Two are twins. Two are also married to each other. One is my former roommate. One is THE El Presidente. One is also bestfriends to my other bestfriend in highschool. Two celebrated their 5th year with me. One is now single again but happier. Two are special children of Ms. Mila. One used to make me laugh every morning at Salustiana.

All knows the Honda Way. All missed the PGs at Salustiana. All of them will die for the camera. Almost all of them knows where to find "Konsensya". Nine were promoted last month. Eight are already gone. Half of the remaining are eager to follow. Three are honorary but has the symphaty and compassion. Nobody doesn't know who Bestfriend Lina is. Specialists are definitelty not allowed.

Question: S A A N N A G M U L A ?!

Answer: It all started at the controversial board that were cooked up by four bored mightys on their way to Honda Pampanga to judge the CR-V4WD Infoboard Contest. Leonor Rivera aka Moonlight in Paris will definitely go down to history. : )

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. reg . weng . kel . cols . ol . kaye . dans . she . lee . gins . lorns . agnes .
. greys . r2 . deng . jen . verns . ces . tin . bim . clod . paul . allen . pats .

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