Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I think I heard that line somewhere. I heard it LOADS of time actually. Right Lee, Coleen? Sounds eerily familiar.

Anyway, if there's one thing that I regret on my resignation to HCPI, it's definitely the HONDA JAZZ. Good looking, comfortable and stylish, I truly fell in love with it when I saw it last year at the Salustiana basement for an Impression Survey (eg. if it's going to survive here, etc) that our Product Planning Group conducted for the Marketing associates and top honchos in the dealership. I got super excited with this baby so when we were dividing our "duties" last year for this year's product launches, inagaw ko talaga 'to. Lee took the City and Rache assigned herself to some product that hasn't been launch yet until now. But of course, the plans and assignments did not go exactly as planned because of our resignations. Too bad I did not experience "what could have been" the grand Jazz Party Launch. We had so many plans then and I honestly don't know what they are planning now (except for the Open House test drive advertised in the papers).

Anyway, here's a look at this wonderful baby! Don't you wish you have one? Given the moolah...I am buying one for myself! Check this great Honda Thailand site: Honda Jazz Life. The Hondaphil site is NOT yet updated, so eto muna. Coleen, update mo na daw yung site! Hahaha!

If there's any officer/mod/admin/member/poster of HCP who's reading this, I can't reply in ANY of the thread at the Non-Members Forum. I don't even have access at the From Us To Them Forum anymore. It's perfectly understandable since I am not a member and no longer connected at HCPI but please let me know about it so I'll not expect anything anymore. A courtesy of a reply is expected. Thanks.

If there's anyone from the office who's reading this. I'm going there today around lunch and will probably stay the whole afternoon. Two people already told me that my former boss is looking for me. HUH?! Since I "committed" daw that I'll drop by Monday and I did not. Oh well. Some things never change despite the fact that I am no longer committed to commit for any commitment. Whew.

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