Monday, July 19, 2004

:: OH IVY! ::

I met her in Canossa years ago on the first day of Freshman year.
I first remembered seeing her chatting with her friends with her super shiny, long hair bouncing all over the place.
She was wearing cute sneakers and branded garb from head to toe.
I used to be intimidated with her. She's pretty, popular and has her whole bunch of friends while I was simply one of the new girls.

She was always my classmate except in Sophomore year. I was in Ignatius while she was in John (or was it Martin?).
I used to have study and "cheating" sessions with her for DeMatta's Chemistry class with Sinta and Cherry.
She used love X'men's Jubilee aka Jubilation Lee.
She's one of many who was inflicted with the illness called "Tonielitis" in Junior year. *ahem* Calling Aileen, Mitzi and Charo!
Hah! I'm proud to say that I was spared from that and even has bragging rights of being chosen by the guy as his counterpart for the catechism orientation/immersion thing that we had. Haha! Of course, my dearest Roneal doesn't know anything about that then or else.

She's Ivy and I'm Abbie so that made us TWINS.
We were always with Che & Cherry and Jo & Jovi at the kiosk and at Cherry's place.
We adored Guess and Georges Marciano so much!
We used to have so many identical outfits that we wear together. The Christmas Party blue, snowflake longsleeves that we got from Guess, the numerous Guess jeans, those knitted socks, the Guess pins that we gave to our seatmates Melo and *ahem* King and several shirts of the same color.
We once declared an "All-Black" day because we were freakin' mad at someone.
Remember when Jako told us about the ugly message we've sent by wearing black? Yet he told us that we should've told him our plan since he also got a black polo shirt like ours?
We used to buy sashimi and sushi for Troy because of some great favor he did for us.
We endlessly write letters to each other with those stationaries from Tickles, Blue Magic and Papemelroti.
She knows everything about me and Aktib and our wonderful highschool romance.
I know about every single thing about her relationship with "Bej" and the way "she handled" the Rock.
She shared with me stories about her crushes, suitors and relationship woes.
We even had several heart-to-heart conversations about our families and other problems that were not limited to school and boys.

College came and she studied Medical Technology.
She always dreamed of studying Medicine after college but contemplated on taking Law instead.
We somehow drifted apart in college despite the fact that I was only in Makati and she was in Manila.
But there were letters through snail mails and regular beeps and pages and I still know about Hans and her many admirers.
She was still the person I called the night I broke up with him.
And I know all about why she's truly the QUEEN of Hearts.

Life became easier after college graduation.
Gimmicks were often and late late nights were even allowed.
Endless coffees, bridal showers, Octoberfests and gimmicks were important days for us and the other girls.
There were adventures but even more Forces of Nature was born.
Who would forget about Ivy's van that got stuck in the mud? HAHA! That will definitely go down to history!

She's the epitome of fashion. Then and now.
I am super envious with her hair. Then and now. But finally, my hair is now longer!
Haven't seen this superb girl since the day we went to Jako's grandpa's wake.
Our last bonding moment was at her van (yeah, THAT van again) two years ago.
She's now in Toronto living la vida loca with her Nico.
Or is it Charles?
We still bond through YM and e-mails with the girls.
I remember pouring recent heartaches to her at 4am through chat.
She knows who I still want after all these years.
I hope and pray that she will also get what she really really wants because she truly deserves it.

She's truly one of my bestest bestest friends uber al-les!



Song of the Moment: Heart of Mine

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