Saturday, August 21, 2004

:: EUREKA! ::

After two months and two days of resting, soul searching and looking for the perfect career, I am happy to say that I will be back to the workforce soon. As of this very moment, I am still waiting for my best choice but it seems like they are not very eager to hire anyone just yet. The company is still taking their own sweet time to decide. And I'm left in the dark with their replies of "neither denying you nor accepting you YET". Sometimes turning you down outright is better than asking you to wait in vain. Hmph!

ANYWAY, I can't take it anymore and the waiting is killing me. MAYBE God is even telling me that those are not for me and is not part of his grand plan for my well-beling. To cut the long story short, l accepted the offer of my "comfortable choice". It's actually a very good company: multinational, huge American investment (in fact I think it's more American than Filipino), high brand equity (at least people will not ask me "Where is that?!" or "What is that?!" when they ask me where I am working), no debts (I was told) and a definite market leader. People often tells me how perfectionist and arte I am for thinking TOO hard whether to accept it or not. Heck, its a great company and even better than my old one is most aspect. But, I HAVE my reasons and it's not even the moolah part as most expected.

The position is in Marketing (of course) and I will be reporting directly to the VP for Sales and Marketing which is way C-O-O-L. He in turn is reporting to the President so bureaucracy is lesser (Thank God!). I might even get my way with some heavy deciding stuff if I do it right. It's a good position with a lot of responsibilities, scope and challenges (I suppose). As my good friend and ex-officemate/future-officemate Reggie told me, I might even love it there to stay for a long, long time. Just like what I did with my old company. As to the old question of "how much?". Well, what is ENOUGH anyway? Let's just say that it's quite nice but it can be nicer. Patience is indeed a virtue. *wink wink* HAH!

Now that my bumming days are numbered, here are some of the stuff that I will definitely miss:

1. Sleeping whenever I want.
Who cares if I sleep at 4am or if I did not sleep at all?

2. On-line time.
Awwww! Grrr! My DSL provider will be happy again since I will end my 24/7 routine.

3. Blogging & Blog Hopping.
Well, at least I will have more topics to write about than my routinary nothingness.

4. TV and Movies.
My DVD player will definitely miss me.

5. My hair in ponytail.
I cannot do it when I am working or else I have to deal with my giant waves of a hair.

6. The SIMS.
Awww! What will happened to my neighborhoods and families? They will die of neglect.

7. Playing with my niece all day.
Such regret! She’s so cute now with numerous funny antics.

8. Honda.
The day I start my work in the other company is the day when I can finally say I am free.

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