Monday, August 23, 2004


I had my pre-employment medical exam yesterday at Healthway Medical Clinic at Festival Mall. After my two surgeries last month for my finger, the last thing I want is another needle poking me. But I cannot escape it since it's one of the major things that my future employer is so strict about. So after two days of procrastinating, I went to to Healthway to get it over and done with. It has its usual laboratory exams where another batch of blood were taken from me (much to my dismay) and the chest x-ray exam which took so long because the technician refused to do it unless my hair is on an updo since it gets on the way of things. Whatev. There's a tip...if you have long hair make sure that it's tied way way up (or in a bun) when getting x-rays unless you want to have 'scars' in your chest (accdg. to the technician). The last stage of the medical exam is a consultation with their in-house doctor who poked me in so many...errr...areas. Well, at least I survived. I had lang some temporary scars from where samples of blood were taken. Grrr. I'll be getting the result of my clean bill of health (I pressume) on Thursday.


Speaking of hair. Mine is now on its longest ever and it badly needs a trim. I've been wearing it long and straight for quite sometime and I am thinking of chopping it of a couple of inches shorter and having it layered. I attempted to do it last March at Ricky Reyes Glorietta after dear Isabella's Christening but I chickened at the last minute and got a trim instead. Plus, the stylist refused to do it since sayang daw ang hair ko. Sheesh, makialam ba?


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