Sunday, August 29, 2004


Tales of my first days at my new work. Read on.

  • DAY ONE - August 25, Wednesday
    The last three working days were my first days at my new work. I officially started last Wednesday, August 25, 2004, amidst the heavy storm in the Metro. Aside from the usual filling-up of forms, reading of thick manuals and company policies, code of ethics, and do's and don'ts in e-mail (yeah, believe it or not), I also started familiarizing myself to the numerous brands and products that we are offering. Gee, what a toughie. Learning about cars and engines are definitely easier. We carry four brands and they have about 30+ products altogether. That's a lot! Plus, they all have different markets which made it so confusing.

    Based from the first tasks which were assigned to me, my work will be centered on Marketing Services with a touch of Sales and Product Training. My first assignments involve a corporate exhibit/trade fair in October which I have to plan and prepare for; approval and presentation to management of proposed brochure designs from the ad agency (Heck, brochure designs were outsourced? Woah!); and finalization of advertorial pages for a big society magazine (I love this one!). Gee...and this was my first day? Well....WELCOME ABBIE! You definitely arrived. Sheesh.

  • DAY TWO - August 26, Thursday
    I'm getting bored and it was only my second day! There was the Internet but I just cannot surf all day, can I? My dilemma was solved when our Product & Specs Trainor asked me to come with her on a Product Orientation at Shaw. It was killing two birds with one stone - since I'll be learning the product and at the same time familiarizing myself with how things are being done in the trainings. Stuff about our numerous products became clearer to me after attending the seminar. I downed two instant coffees to keep me awake all day. I also met several interesting personalities in our office through the seminar who would be working closely with me in the future. They are all nice to me and all are willing to help and support in my future endeavors. One thing that I remembered in the seminar were the overflowing food and goodies that we had. Super dami! Ohhhh! There goes my diet! We also had some chewy choco crinkles which are pwede na compared to ADB's crinkles (This is the BEST! If you know where to find other chewy tell me!). My favorite in our vast product line-up are the hi-wall split types and the casette. (Pats, if we have FABE there...they have FABG here. Almost the same premise.)

  • DAY THREE - August 27, Friday
    My third day and first casual Friday was definitely not casual. After endlessly chatting with Aimee (my new sparring partner) in the morning about questions regarding work, I had a very eventful lunch with my new officemates at the cafeteria. Since Aimee is also new, the boys oriented us on several do's and dont's (whom to avoid, etc) and some office social policy. I find them all nice and amusing. The boys are not actually with us in the department (they are with Applied & Commercial Sales) but we share office space with them (ratio is around 10:5 = men:women).

    Afternoon proved to be hectic since I was summoned by the VP for Sales and Marketing (aka my immediate boss) to his office while me and Aimee were eating spaghetti (go figure!). I was quite surprised when he asked me to oversee several stuff for the upcoming product launch this week. The task is easy but the uneasy part are the people I have to make kulit for the stuff he wants me to do. I am very very fresh and I don't want to come as overbearing to my new officemates. Hmmm, there goes the Honda Specialist Syndrome! Uggh! At least I am thinking about THIS unlike some people at the other side of the road. He also gave me a run-down of his expectations and stuff that I would be working on in the future. He said that I should study closely the marketing of our retail sales and products, sales forcasting and analysis, training of dealer sales, dealers' special project, and the usual event management, and BTL advertising. Whew. Time to hit it.

    I definitely arrived.

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