Saturday, August 28, 2004


I watch old DVDs by batch according to the lead lady who starred on it. There was Kate Hudson (How To Lose..., Four Feathers, etc), J. Lo (Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan) and even Julia Stiles (Prince & Me, 10 Things I hate...). For the last batch of DVDs for my vacation, I've chosen Mandy Moore. I was and never am a fan of these teeny-bopper singing girls. I even loathe them at times, but I do watch their movies (think Hillary Duff).

Why is Mandy so lucky in her movies? Because of her oozzzing with hunkness leading men! Read on.

CHASING LIBERTY Mandy plays as the President's Daughter who only wanted freedom from her heavily-guarded life. On a state visit to Europe, she met and fell in love with Matthew Goode, (ooohlalala!) who apparently was also on his father's payroll as one of her many bodyguards which she didn't knew. As the title implies, it's full of chasing...and running all around Europe's finest cities. This is a must-watch for people who love the White House (and its powerful habitants) and traveling. Matthew Goode is just so so GOOD looking so I watched this twice. Mandy is also a natural here compared to her previous flicks.

HOW TO DEAL I have the DVD of this movie since early this year but I only watched it last Monday. One word: so-so. I can't even remember the ending. As for Mandy's man, this one got the boyishly charming looks which did not do justice to the supposed "bad boy image" that the movie called for. Trent Ford is just too adorable to be a menace.

A WALK TO REMEMBERI bought the DVD at a spur of the moment but I haven't watched it until this very day. I remembered crying bucket of tears when I first watched this with a friend ages ago at Greenbelt. I don't like Mandy but I love Nicholas Spark and his best-selling novels.

Ain't Mandy lucky?

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