Monday, August 30, 2004


I probably heard "Manansala" sixty times today. The Manansala Towers at Rockwell is one of the best upscale condos around Makati that will soon open in December. They are also one of our numerous commercial clients and the Sales Engineer sitting behind me is the one in-charge of the account thus the repetitive mention of the name.!

The Manansala Towers @ Rockwell

Monday is the ultimate killer in any workday and today is no exception. As early as 9:00 am, phones were already being slammed and tempers were already rising up since there are so many stuff to do this week. Today was also also the launch of one of our numerous products so everyone is rushing except good ol' moi (and Aimee). I was actually bored...and desperately looking for work! Heck, they are not paying me good moolah for nothing. Hay! My boss gave me some stuff to oversee for the launch but it was quite easy and everyone seems to know what they are expected to do. They definitely don't need for my constant nagging. After checking the delivery of the posters, flyers and tags, I even volunteered to help in the sorting but we have a pretty dynamic support group who are pretty capable in doing such that doesn't need extra help.

The highlight of my day was probably when the Network Administrator came to our office to configure my new work e-mail. Haay, boringness! I hope that things will start picking up tomorrow. Ohhh! One thing that shocked me was the ordering of business cards. Guess who's one of the suppliers out for bid? None other than Primex Printers! Geeeez! Primex prints Honda brochures not Honda business cards. Hah, big timmmeee!

Oh! Some blind item. I got an interesting call from one of CROs in one of our Honda dealerships who's also a friend of mine. After the usual howareyous, she told me that she's quite uncomfy with someone from my old office. One of her staff even complained about this certain new girl's b*tch*n*ss when they met with her last week. Hmm, quite interesting but definitely not surprising. Sino kaya yon? Hmmm. Your guess is as good as mine.

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