Friday, September 10, 2004


Remembering higschool, remembering Canossa...
Got this from my Friendster Bulletin Board (or was it from our batch's YahooGroups?) and its quite entertaining.

So, Canossian Bloggers (Aileen, Mitz, Charu, Tin, Chepot, Idz, Jing, Kends, et. al.), copy and fill-up, okay? : ) Puh-leeze?

1. Bakit ka nahuhuli sa pila bago mag-flag ceremony?
Can't remember. I am ALWAYS early during assembly because it's always a good time to see your crush/es. Haha. Or if I was ever late it was probably because I detest the mandatory CAT assembly each Friday morning when we were Seniors.

2. Anong favorite mong bilhin sa canteen?

Arroz Caldo, Canossa's version of Kare-kare and Coke

3. Na-guidance/principal's office ka na ba?
Haha! Yup! It was in Sophomore year when I was summoned by Sr. Vicky (together with a girl classmate) because of an almost catfight. Then there was also a time in Senior year when me, Cherry and Ivy were asked by the Guidance Office to wear the prescribed PE uniform instead of wearing our colorful shirts.

4. Sinong favorite teacher/s mo doon?
Ms. Naval, Mrs. Del Valle, Mrs. Barroso and Sr. Lorna (?!)

5. Sinong HATEST teacher mo naman?
Mr. Avenido and all those ewan Music teachers.

6. San ka usually tumatambay? Why?
Canteen, kiosk, Seniors' Wing

7. What's ur most unforgettable experience sa highschool mo?
Proms, Intrams, World Youth Day, Town Plaza Concert (Geez, this was so nasty that's why it was unforgettable for moi! Just ask Sinta.)

8. Varsity?
Swwwimmmmmm Team (Yeee-bah!)

9. Sinong una mong nakilala sa high school mo?
Sheryl Abulencia (I think). But I have known Mabel and Vero even before highschool.

10. Sino unang mga barkada mo?
Mabel, Vero, Apple, Angie and Cindy

11. Sinong mga kabarkada mo nung nag-graduate ka from HS?
Ivy, Sinta, Cherry, Che, Jo and Jovi

12. Sino mga barkada mo from highschool hanggang ngayon?
Aileen, Ivy, Mitzi, Tin, Charo

13. Na-mimiss mo na ba yung uniform mo?
Eeeek! No WAY! But I do miss my Assumption college uniform. : )

14. Favorite teacher's quotable quote?
"Ang magandang babae sa unahan / likuran..."

15. Most unforgettable person? Why?
@kt!b. My one great love. My uber lovable ex. (Hmmmm, let's see what Aileen's answer. Haha.)

16. I-describe ang mukha mo sa grad pic.
Eww! Full of eye-bags because it was taken the day after the week-long World Youth Day

17. Anong binibili mo sa labas tuwing uwian?
Can't remember. Funchum?

18. Sino huling nakita mo sa batch?
Renee. Saw her while I was on my way home two weeks ago.

19. Anong contests ang sinalihan/napanalunan mo?
Religion Contest, Current Events Contest, Declamation Contest
Swimming Event (Intrams)

22. Kamusta naman ang Intrams?
We won as Over-all Champs in Senior Year (but I believe that the Juniors deserved it). Feeling ko dinaya ng mga teachers yung tabulation in favor of us. Haha. The boys even orchestrated some cheer IF we lose. Losing is almost good as winning with the "Take it! Take it!" cheer (in memory of the Viveca Babajee/Ruffa Gutierrez/Gabby Concepcion Manila Filmfest scam).

23. Sino mga sikat sa batch nyo?
Troy, Kaloy, VN, Che, Cherry

24. Sino mga magaganda at gwapo sa batch?
Mitzi, MM, Che, my Aktib, Tonet

24. Nasa friendster mo ba yung crush mo sa HS?
Yup yup

26. Did you ever regret going to ur HS?
Nope. Not at all. Those were some of the best years of my life.

27. Sino sa mga ka-batch natin ang dapat napasali sa Star Circle Quest? Troy? Si Kaloy? O si Maco? (Haha! See a pattern here?)

28. San ka na nag-aaral ng college? Course?
Assumption College
Bachelor in Mass Communication maj in Advertising & PR

30. Sino ang peborit labs team of dem all mo?
Roneal & Anna (but of course!)
Jako & Mitzi
Tonet & Che

31. Anu-ano ang mga section mo?
St. Elizabeth, St. Ignatius, St. James the Great, St. John the Baptist

32. Sino ang crush mo sa upper batch?
Meron ba? Wala yata. Basta hindi si T na crush ng lahat. Harhar.

33. Sino ang crush sa lower batch?
Haha! Gimme an F!

34. Orgs mo nung highschool?
The Lily School Newspaper, Dramatic Guild, Sports Club, etc.

35. Sino pinaka-na-mi-miss mo ngayon?
Refer to question # 15

There you go! : )

Oh! Guess why is there a term called "Canossa Syndrome". As far as I know there are only THREE of us who uses that term despite the fact that there are so many out there who are "inflicted". The term was actually coined after several experiences of "going back to the past..." (or rather going back to past lurvvveeess).

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