Sunday, September 12, 2004

Do you know that Vanilla Ice is Batangueno and Boy George is Kapampangan? Well, who knows? But these jokes definitely gave me ultimate cracks last Friday when I had dinner and after-office drinks with Aimee, Mark and Alvin (my new officemates) at Dencio's Alabang. Alvin is so funny and I just can't stop laughing the entire night. There were so many stuff that we talked about like work, the ever-prevailing office politics, incentives & commissions and the office love affairs. Alvin is one of our brightest Sales Engineers for Applied & Commercial Equipments while Mark is the ultra-brainy pero di' nerdy Internal Applied Engineer for the projects and Aimee is my counterpart (she's with Commercial Sales) and sparring partner at Marketing Services. The Dencio's dinner was an impromptu one since we were supposed to be at the company's bowling tournament. We started dinner at 7:30pm and went home around 1:30 in the morning. The acoustic band who played that night was also good and they sang so many of my favorites like One Hello (Randy Crawford) and Through The Fire (Chaka Khan).


Oh, did I ever tell you that I am kindda in like these days? Yep! Little Ms. Jaded-Cynical here is majorly crushing on someone! Ladidaaa! Days are brighter and mornings are so so so good! I've never been so inspired like this for the longest time. Nothing seems to put me down in the last week or so. Even the rain and the yucky mud in downtown Alabang were not enough to dampen the high I am in. I am so giddy-giddy-good this entire weekend. Life is sweet, ain't it?

Due to my present predicament, I asked a guy friend about some kindergarten stuff on "how would you know if a guy likes you or not" and his SMS replies made me think and reflect how lousy I am in the battlefield called meeting-dating-courting. I am so busy mind-gaming guys that I forgot to think and pause for a while.

Here's his advice:
"Well, let him make the moves. I'm sure makikita mo naman din. Just be friendly and accommodating, if he sees the opportunity then he'll take it. If you like him I'm sure he'll feel it. But if you don't, siguro wag mo na din paasahin, diba? Just don't do things you normally won't do if you feel na wala sya chance. Guys get hurt too. : p"

Hmmm, something abut his SMS made me think. I really hate guys when they do this. So, it means I have to show intentions to him to pursue me? Gee! Chivalry is DEAD. Plus the "wag na lang paasahin" really made me think. Sheesh, there's a freakin' read-between-the-lines on this guy's text!

So I replied:
"Guys don't pursue someone unless they are sure that the girls likes them, diba? : ) Boys talaga."

I SUPER hate guys when they don't want to lose on something. Is it the manly ego-thing? Or some same age-old reason of wasting time on someone that can never be yours? It's bad! Where's the chivalrous "I'll fight for you until the end?".

My friend's reply shocked me:
"It depends. But older guys tend to be more of a risk-taker. Just the way I risked for you. But I eventually got the hint that you don't like me anyway."

THE WHAT!? Woaah! This was not the reply I was expecting! Especially from someone I was seeking advice from for another guy. For the record, this guy is amazingly nice. He's one of my few guy friends who's intelligent, brilliantly good, passionate on his passions and highly opinionated. His desire for righteousness made him dear to me. He's also a classic example on how bad I am in reading the signals. Of course I knew that he likes me since he did tell me about it but I never expected that he felt THAT way. I took for granted his feelings more than once in several occasions and even staged an all-out war with him where he eventually reciprocated. His ill-feelings came from the heart while mine stems from the mind. We are both good, opinionated and passionate on the issues we believe in thus resulted to the biggest and most intelligent word war I've ever had. Should I know that he was harboring such...I would have been gentler. All of this happened barely seven months ago amidst the turn of leadership at one of organizations which used to be so dear to me. Sorry M...for the nth time. Let bygones be bygones...

As for the CURRENT guy in my life. Well, who knows if he likes me? Like what I said, I am so BAD when it comes to signals. I don't event know IF I want it to work out since it's still too early to say anything. I am just happy about the good feeling it brings me. My good friend Bugs gave me one of the bestest advice ever. Forget the damn pride, let loose and go with the flow. Tigilan ko na daw ang mind games at pagiging magulang ko! Harhar! He told me that I am too concerned with mastering my mind games that I tend to forget to really THINK and appreciate the good stuff. Well said. I'll keep you all posted : ). Finally, something juicy on this blog! *wink*


I've been so behind in movies these days so I decided to buy some vids yesterday. I watched Jennifer Garner's 13 Going 30 which I like so much. I love her lifestyle, her fabulous fashions and her work as Editor of a well-known fashion magazine. She looks so lovely in her outfits in the movie despite her boxy built. The movie is also full of 80s music from Michael Jackson and Debbie Gibson. I also bought Garfield (isn't he so adorable?), Cat in the Hat (with our favorite Dakota Fanning) for my niece Gabbie and Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.


Guys, some favor. Does anyone here knows where I can find the results of the Mechanical Engineering Board for 2000? I already checked the PSME (Phil. Society of Mechanical Engineers) website but it was not there. Does anyone keep archives of these stuff? I am just going to check something.

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