Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Most people call it being mysterious. Others refer to it as mind-gaming. I call it PRIDE.

Since the olden age, I've learned how to control my emotions in the meeting-dating-courting scene (even if I am way gaga on the guy). Most refer to it as mind-gaming but I call it as unadultered pride. I mastered all the ways and coy and often give advices to friends. It's the Goddess in me that plays the mind-gaming games. I am the girl therefore I am.

Look at the end-result? The cynical-jaded ME.


I am now given another chance to love and give my heart once more.
I tried the old tricks but THIS guy is way smarter for games.
His rules? Don't give me BS and I will give you the world.
So far, so good. Days are definitely definitely BRIGHTER and BETTER.
I've never been so giddy-excited-loving as what I am today.

I am giving up THE GAMES just to make THIS work.
I'll go with the flow and let destiny rule above it all.

Is HE the one? Is this the way "mature men" really act?
Am I in for a serious one that would end with church bells?
Is he serious enough to consider me as THE ONE?
Am I just a date/gimmick buddy for those beach adventures?
Am I really his heaven-sent sunshine?
Did he really give gratitude to the Lord for sending me?
Am I going to be the next Anna of his life?
Can I really be sweet without being sarcastic?
Do I really have to sing "I Love You Just The Way You Are"?
Can we go sing in the rain?
How about snorkeling and watching each other at Galera?
Is he going to buy me Gonuts Donuts tomorrow?

Is he going to give it all up for me?
Am I going to give it all up for him?

Let's wait and see if this is the REAL one or another disappointing...
...UNREAL one.


Me: I feel that I left something there at the office. I have my wallet and cell with me naman. Perhaps, it was YOU who I left behind.

Him: Good thing the one you left behind knows his way you. :)

Call it "a line" (or whatever you want). I don't care.

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