Wednesday, September 22, 2004

:: EBUN ::

I went to Makati yesterday to fix some stuff for the on-going BPI Madness. Since my sched was free for the afternoon, I SMSd Lee and Kelly and invited them for coffee at my favorite Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Greenbelt 3. I so miss the girls!!! We had so much to talk about so we decided to skip the cafes and milkshakes and had dinner at Ebun instead. Check our pictures and the different camera phone resolutions. :)

The dinner topics were mainly about our new careers, old-forgotten work at Honda, our friends, Paul & Bim and their US adventure and the crazy-giddy stage that I am in these days. Hay! I SO miss the Mightys. I sure could use those tips from Olen, Lee, Jen and Pats. Hay!

Let's get together again soon!

I am SO SMILING the whole day today! Loooooooooook! So not faking it! :)


"I'm on my way to work. Thank God for sunshines and inspirations! :)"
~ Him, 9.21.04, 9:21 am

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