Sunday, September 19, 2004

My mom and her two sisters celebrated their September birthdays at the clubhouse of Sta. Elena Golf & Country Club last Saturday. To make the event more meaningful and lively, they decided to have a Hawaiian Luau theme. "The Clan" was in full attendance - from the grandmas to the babies. The Clan is becoming bigger and bigger through the years. The second generation are already marrying and having babies right and left. And since I belong to THAT generation, I had a grand total of five (5) "Kailan ka ba mag-aasawa?" fired-up questions from various aunts, uncles and cousins. They don't even care if I have a boyfriend or if I am currently going out with someone, as long as I answer WHEN am I going to tie the knot. Hay naku! I love my titas (and my mom) dearly despite their craziness. They love parties, outings and get-togethers and can have marathon all-nighters (read: chismis) anytime.

Our family came in full costumes for the luau. My brother kept on saying that mom owe us big time for nagging us constantly with the costumes. Mom was definitely on her element last night as she entertain the guests in her magenta outfit complete with headress and lei. She's also one hot mama (Ain't my dad lucky?) with her well-toned abs which she got from her daily aero classes. Did I ever tell you that my mom is way way way lighter than me? What the heck happened to my genes? Gabbie came in a bikini top and grass skirt; Papa surprisingly cooperated with a red Hawaiian-inspired polo; Chay (my sis-in-law) ransacked my Boracay finds and came in a wrap-around malong; and yours truly came in an all-black gimmick top which I matched with a black wrap-around pashmina shawl that doubles as akirt. Haha! I detest flowery garb and I refused to wear bright, colorful tartans! See? I am always craving attention? Sue me but check my pics!

My pre/during/post Bailey's pictures.
Guess which is which!

I am not a drinker. I am not even a social drinker. I don't drink. Period. But when there's a Bailey's...

I am not a wild child. I was never a wild child and I will probably never be a wild child. This is a common family fact which the cousins find boring but the titas and titos loves. BUT I sure gave them quite an entertainment last night when I talked animatedly about the current like of my life and my forever-crush who happens to be a cousin of my cousin. There goes the "wild child" in me. That's THE baddest I can be (how boring!). Blame it to the three full glasses of Bailey's.

It's been 24 hours and my head is still spinning until now. My tummy is still queasy. I have alcohol allergies all over.

I am not touching those things again.


"I started missing you the moment I stepped out of the office. Kaya nga I texted you immediately. :) Pero bearable. But when I miss someone sorely, I get this urge to be overly sweet."
~ Him, 9.18.04, 12:33 PM

"Guess what, I am sorely missing you."
~ Him, 9.18.04, 2:35 PM

Words are not enough to describe what I am feeling.
Phooooeeey! Is this ME? Ako ba 'to?

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