Sunday, September 19, 2004

My life is quite different now if I compare it six months ago.

I am more relaxed and contented now.
I laugh and smile a lot lately.
I am a free spirit again who sees the good in the bad.

I've been through one heck of a journey this year and I am just glad that it's all behind me now.

The first half of 2004 had been quite cruel for me beginning with the transfer of the Honda Marketing office in Sta. Rosa. Me along with my mighty friends were transported to the unknown with limited social spectrum to speak of. It was followed by a sudden "break-up" and parting of ways with me and three friends whom I've spent quite a number of bonding nights last year. The grueling pressures and stress of numerous Honda events and projects also took some of the limelight as I struggle with numerous test drives and launch projects. The work stress killed me and the office politics went on its all time high that made me say: enough is enough. A resignation from my beloved comfort zone soon followed without a concrete back-up plan on my part. Another tragedy rose when I got involved in a freak accident involving my right hand and ring finger. It took two operations to finally bring my right hand to a (almost) normal state. My catastrophe reached its peak with the accident and it died with a two month drought of unemployment while I was waiting for the right and perfect career.

My first few days in my new company were also miserable ones. I attempted to post some stuff about it but something always prevented me to do it (eg. post deleted, brown-out, not saved docs, etc.). The company is truly good. Maybe even better than Honda. The people are nice, work is okay, opportunities are better, salary and benefits are more than fine but I was just SO miserable and lonely. Plus I cannot seem to get closure from Honda. Every move or every shake that I do reminded me of who I WAS and what I used to represent. Damns.

Then here comes September.

I dunno where we (me and my current state) finally accepted each other. It was probably when the truckloads of work came in. Or when I was started given ultra-big responsibilities. Or when Mr. Crushie started paying attention. Who knows? At this point, I don't care. I am just glad because I am finally happy and contented. I am not saying that I found a gold mine in my new company and career (since this is still subject for argument) BUT I must say that I finally found a new life to be happy about. A life that somehow makes me complete.

Ohhh, the life...
...and I friggin' deserve it! : )

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