Sunday, October 03, 2004


I got up early this morning to attend Arwen Samantha's (Ariel & Jona's princess) Christening in Batangas with Pong, Alex and his fiancee Elvie. It was such a fun drive because the boys were cranking us up with jokes and stories all throughout. The one and a half journey went by quickly with their amusing entertainment. We arrived around 10:00 am just in time for the mandatory seminar for the Godparents. The Little Princess Arwen slept all throughout the ceremony while the rest of us gushed and cooed over her. It was my first time to attend a non-office social function with my new co-workers and I had a good time bonding with them over the sumptuous feast that Ariel and Jona prepared.


We arrived in Makati around 3:00 pm with no definite plan in mind. Pong hated the big mall crowd and I was worried about him since he drove all the way to and from Batangas. So, what's the best thing to do? Movies? Dinner? Hmm, how about a relaxing massage? WOW! Brilliant idea Sunshine! If there's one thing that we are crazy about, it's definitely a pampering, refreshing and relaxing massage! We decided to hit Zen at The Fort but we were so disappointed since it's close during Sundays (whaaaattt?!). We went back to the car (unbowed) to re-strategize. I suggested The Spa at Greenbelt1 or my favorite Orient Day Spa at Corinthians. Nah, nah! Anyway, we ended going at THE SPA at Bel-Air/Jupiter. Two words: ABSOLUTE WOWNESS! In my years of indulging and pampering, I've never tried The Spa. Who knows why? Maybe it was because I was truly loyal with Orient Day Spa at Corinthians (which I learned is more expensive - contrary to my expectations). Pong reasoned that we should live a little and splurge for what turned into the bestest bestest date we ever had. Grabe talaga! I am still HIGH from the experience. We both took the 60-minute Swedish Massage package which is absolute madness. It's a true winner! Part of the ultimate The Spa experience is its Cold-Hot-Cold Bath body treatment which you can leisurely do repeatedly. I had a grand time switching from the hot/cold shower, the steam room, the hot bath and the cold bath prior to my refreshing therapeutic Sweedish massage. We are definitely coming back for more. I soooo lovvvvvvveeee it! The icing on top of my cake is a smiling, waiting Pong who I almost hugged due to pure joy and blisssssssss! This is definitely THE life!

So, is it really The Spa and the wondrous experience OR the guy I share it with? Basta, it's the bestest bestest!


Him: It's gonna be a sound sleep tonight. Hope you are not sad anymore. You made me very happy just by being with me. :) Anyway, I never felt so good physically and inside. Thanks for reminding me I'm alive.

Same sentiments.

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