Wednesday, October 06, 2004


1. I'm born again. No pun intended. I am re-born. I am alive again. I been suffering from DSL-less syndrome for weeks now because of some busted connection with our common DSL post. I took a leave this morning just for the occassion of re-connecting again.

2. I've been punished. Skipping work for lame reasons totally got me. I had a long meeting with my boss right after I got in and he assigned so many stuff to me. There goes my being "underutilized" (as per Joseph and Reggie), they are now ultimately maxing me out! The biggest task he assigned is reconciling, forecasting, analyzing and marketing our sales for the window-racks. I even have to attend a software solutions training next week for that. No offense, but that's way serious marketing...I yearn for events, advertising and the whole exciting hoopla that I used to have! Jeepers! I left the office at 8:00 pm. I've been punished.

3. I am a Charlotte. What are my common denominators with Charlotte York? We are both optimistic, we are both mushy & romantic and we both have the same problems with our men. Speaking of Charlotte, I am now on my 2nd leg of SATC Season 6 Marathon. I am taking it s-l-o-w.

4. I totally lost it. I got pissed yesterday because some Manager asked me to sign, recommend and approve some documents that are needed as attachment for some billing requirements. They were dated June 2004! Duh?! Is he OK? I was still in Honda last June!

5. I'm in war. How can a stupid, supposedly funny comment can turn into an all-out war? Hello?! He doesn't even have the right to be mad! As my friend Ida told me: "Both of you dont have any rights to make selos or whatever, technically speaking that is. but emotionally speaking, of course you wont be able to help it diba?" How can he be so smart yet so slow when it comes to humor?! To quote Ida again: "Maybe he's still insecure about your whole "relationship"....

Screw texting!

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