Thursday, October 28, 2004


I am one heck of an Aphrodite.
Pagbigyan nyo na ko! After all this is MY blog.

Friends always tells me that I am always feeling Dyosa.
Read: assuming, feeling, demanding.

I am reminded of this Goddess-like attitude since I've been demanding and nagging friends constantly with SMS that goes like "CALL ME!" in the last couple of days. Hehe. Fortunately, my friends are all kind mortals who give in to my pa-tweetums. Except the equally-Goddess Dansel (aka Venus) who replied with a "You Call Me!". Which I did (with a heavy heart though!). Haha.


~ I am so excited for my Baguio vacation that I totally forgot that I'll be unwired and unconnected while I am there. This will be a first for me. I surf while in Bora, I surf in Cebu, I surf everywhere and anywhere. This Baguio trip will make me Internet incommunicado for three and a half days! Ugh! Can I survive? The trade-off MUST better be really really good!

~ My dear Sheryl sent me an e-mail this evening regarding our upcoming Open Water Dive Course with Kaye, Patty and Ces. The price is astronomically HIGH! Whew! The package also includes the check dive in Balai Resort in Anilao, 4 dives, meals and accommodations. I have to seriously think about this. Am I really SERIOUS about this one? We'll see.

~ It's still two and a half days to go before Baguio and I am already half-packed, will go grocery tomorrow and already ordered Bailey's from Cleng. Wow, I am NOT excited.

~ What I am currently feeling? Dazed, confused, happy and longing all at the same time. Talk about raging emotions!

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