Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Sorry if this is super delayed reaction.
I am so loving Vanessa Carlton and Julia Fordham these days.

Blame it to the White Chicks movie (our last Saturday's choice at Powerplant) which repeatedly played 1000 Miles by Vanessa. Gee, it's definitely my LSS (Last Song Syndrome)!

As for Julia Fordham, lets just say that I stumbled some article about someone who proposed in her last concert here in the Philippines. The song that he requested (as in he asked Julia) was Love Moves in Mysterious Ways. Been hooked since. So nice.

Sembreak! Ugh! Makati is soooo full of kids these days! No offense to students out there. I was just pissed earlier when I have to "wait to be seated" in my otherwise traffic-less favorite restaurant.

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