Friday, October 01, 2004


I would've lost it..I arrived 11ish this evening and I realized that I just had one of my baddest day ever.

There sure are many things that will fight over my crappy lowest of low in my daily high-low count. I would've lost it...but I did not.

1. I got up this morning with a very queasy feel on my entire body. I've been majorly obsessing about this for days but I cannot eliminate it from my system. The queasy feeling made me a lazybone all week.

2. My mom is on her bitchy mode despite the fact that I've generously given her 75% of my SSS Sickness Benefit from my accident months ago (talk about super delayed reaction, huh?) which I just got today. The moolah was a bitter reminder of my accident and I have no use for it. Mom would be happier spending it on her kikay escapades. But, geez, she's way way bitchy all day! She even asked where I've been all night. Duh?! Ikaw ba yan, Mommy? Helllo!

3. I was running late so I went straight to World Trade Center for the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers Exhibit rather than going to the office first.

4. Pong wasn't able to finish his De La Salle project design despite working until 11:30 pm last night. He started early this morning and was busy the entire day. He finished the project in the afternoon but they were nevertheless late for the submission. I am part guilty since I distracted him thrice yesterday and was texting with him until 2:00 am. Let's just hope that the project will push through despite the delay. Please, please...

5. I had my hair blow-dried by my trusted stylist but it ended looking like a mop. (Note to self: next time double the shampoo & conditioner).

6. I was so so so bored at the PSME Exhibit. Snoresville...

7. Pong and I were supposed to be at the PSME the whole day but since he has a submission project today, he stayed at the office to finish it up. :( We were looking forward to it the entire week. I was left with Don, Ping, Luci and Aimee.

8. I was planning to dine in style at the Makati Skyline but they told me that they are close for the afternoon in preparation for a private function in the evening. I had late lunch at Pier One instead...alone.

9. I am majorly attracted to Toyota Vios! Haha! Can you believe that? I will even make a trip to Toyota Pasong Tamo next week to seriously check it. Whatever happened to THE Honda Way which I was passionate about for years? The Vios is just so to die for! While we are at you honestly believe that the CR-V (the 2WD) is better looking than a Ford Escape? My money is on the Escape.

10. Aimee left WTC early for her MBA class. She left me alone with the other girl from Marketing!

11. That other girl from Marketing dragged me to Pier One (again?!) after the exhibit and the short pre-dinner snack turned into a lengthy one and a half hour of random discussion involving work, office irritables and "our common guy". Sheesh, hibang ba talaga sya? Good thing THAT common guy called me up middle of our dinner to ask my whereabouts.

12. The lengthy pre-dinner snack made me missed my nail appointment at Tips n' Toes in Greenbelt with Girlie. Dang! That's my one guilty pleasure! She will pay! Haha, kidding.

13. Pong texted and told me that he was so tired and was dying for his bed. We also cancelled our dinner plans but re-strategize with our Batangas trip on Sunday for Arwen's Christening.

14. It took me forever to get hold of a copy SATC Volume 6! Graaabe!

15. I was craving for chicken all night. Went to Jollibee but it was close already. Went to Wendy's but it was unavailable. I waited gazillion years queuing at Wendy's only to find out that the one I want was unavailable. I almost lost it but just complained diplomatically about it.

16. I bought a local fashion magazine (with lots of potential) but ended reading crappy articles.

17. I took me four transfers to finally reach my destination (read: home). Grabeee! I was so tired!

18. Mom was still on bitchy mode when I got home.

19. My body still has the queasy feeling which I cannot get rid of.

20. Haven't had dinner YET. I am dying...

I still can't believe that I survived this first day of October! I had so many mishaps and little tragedies the whole day. I would've totally lost it but I am proud that I did not. Is it because of the giddy feeling which I am living at the moment? Or because my HIGHs ultimately compensated my LOWs? Beats me.

Today is a good day despite my tragedies and miseries. TGIF!


Heaven sent a girl named Abbie.
With hair and skin of gold.
To touch her would be paradise.
To kiss her, glory untold.
They made a Goddess and called her Abbie.
How? I'll never know.
But though my soul is far behind
My love can only grow
I see sweetness in her smile
Bright light shines from her eyes.
Life's complete, contentment is mine
Just knowing that she's alive.

- Dead Poets Society ("Chris" was replaced by my name)

~ Him, 10.01.04, 2:00 AM

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