Monday, October 18, 2004


I haven't been on-line in ages.
I mean really on-line.

I do update my blog almost daily, read e-mails 2-3x a day and post messageboard messages every now and then but I haven't been doing my almost 24/7 Internet routine for quite some time. Since I am just home this weekend, I succumb to temptation and surfed to my heart's desire.

Here are some of my best finds:

  • Ariel Javelosa
    For all altar-bound people out there, do invest on a good Photographer! I learned from Olen that you may cut-cost all areas in your wedding details BUT pictures and photography. It's a wise and sound investment since photographs are memories you will treasure forever. Forget those film-based photography and go digital. And who's one of the best there is? Ariel Javelosa, of course! I first encountered him on one of the bridal fairs I went to and Olen also considered him for her wedding (but she got Lito Genilo of Smart Shots instead). I browsed through his site and saw several beautiful works that he did. One of them is my officemate's Mark and his wedding to Lon last January at the San Agustin Church. Check out the pics! Absolutely adorable.

  • W@W
    It's actually the Weddings @ Work website. This site is the best there is when you want to find out everything and anything wedding-related. They also have their very own membership e-group which an officemate told me is very useful in the wedding planning and preparation. Do check it. Mabel! Kaye! Ygy! Check it!

  • Philippine Web Awards
    I've always been fascinated with the Phil Webbys. It is my yearly must-do to check who won and who did not make it. One of my favorite categories is the Personal Websites where you can find numerous fusion of creative ideas and designs. For this year, to my utter surprise, the Hondaphil website of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. made it to the semi-finals under the Corporate category. Due credit must be given to my good friend/ex-schoolbus Coleen for all the work she did with it. The funny thing is, Coleen already left HCPI (even earlier than me), and the new Webmaster hasn't been updating the site with new designs. Oh well. Goodluck, anyway.

  • Philippine Blog Awards
    Blogging in the Philippines is on its boom! I checked the site last night and browsed through several pages of blogs, diaries and journals. One word: WOW. Galing talaga ng Pinoy! My bloghopping hours will sure increase due to all the niceties I found. Blogging is definitely the new Friendster. Check out also my updated blog links on the left of your screen (some of them also made it to blog awards so I'm plugging them again). *wink*

    BLOG PLUGS: Nocturnal Angel, Hipstah, The Insane Adventures of D, Ironwulf, Project Marooned, Dizzy Crib, Soloflite's Demented Mind and of course my very own *ahem* Abbie unReal

  • My Wonderful Nieces
    My niece Hannah sent me a bunch of pictures from the joint 7th Birthday party of my (other) nieces Icee and Bambam last week. The theme was Disney Princesses and all of my nieces and nephews came in their best costumes. I so love them and they so love me (because I give nice Christmas presents! hah!).

    Mommy Chay, Gabbie, Kyla, Mommy Vi

    Nieces Chesca, Hannah, Khiara, Kyla, Kezia & Gabbie and Nephew Kyle

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