Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Style Bulok! So, EWANESS...
I've always yearned to buy a double latte.
Read: two coffee - dalawang kape to be shared by two people
I've had my chance this morning and it was an ultimate DISASTER with a capital D.

I got a text last night from Pong where he told me that he got pissed on some babaw stuff I did earlier at the office. It was no biggie but I gave in to his whining since he obviously just wanted me to be sweet to him. I texted and called back, said my piece, explained and life went back to normal.

To make it extra sweet, I got up early this morning, went to my nearest Starbucks, and bought my first double cafe. I was so giddy, excited and I even texted him to hurry up. When I got to the office, I placed my little surprise on his desk so he can immediately see it.

*sigh* It's already 10:45 am and he's still nowhere in sight. My plan obviously backfired since it looks like that he'll be taking the day off.

My extra-sweet coffee and my extra-sweet gesture definitely backfired. Hay!
I guess I'll be sharing that coffee with Aimee instead. So labonesss!

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