Friday, November 12, 2004


It has been 11 years since this day became THE 12th of November to me.
I've never been the same since that fateful Friday afternoon of 1994.
Through the years, I always do a little remembering and celebration in honor of this truly special day.

Fortunately, there's a little twist this year.
It was indeed a "Happy 12!" and it even took me three overseas SMS to finally send the message across.

We are finally back together. A little sweetness. A lot of missing. A whole ounce of friendship. No expectations. No promises. We are finally back very good friends. FINALLY! :)

I had my share of twelves. We had our share of twelves.

There were twelves of togetherness, twelves of separation, twelves with loneliness, twelves with longing, twelves with joy and pleasure, twelves with bitterness, twelves with birthdays, twelves with sweetness, twelves with friends, twelves with mushiness, twelves with forgiveness... and most especially twelves with great LOVE.

Why is this twelve different?
Sadly, it's the 12th where one would say... "I met someone..."

So, it is NOT "When I met you..." anymore?
Hmmm...WE'LL SEE.
One would surely end up laughing anyway. Guess who?

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