Wednesday, November 10, 2004

:: 25/8 ::

I need 25 hours a day and 8 days a week to survive these days.
I've been so in touch with my emotions and feelings in the last couple of weeks that I forgot to live and breath.

The last weekend was truly learning and realization experience for me. I was in the clouds for quite some time and the things that transpired last weekend actually became a welcome jolt for me. I was so out of focus and the quality of my work got most of the blow. This kahibangan should stop! I cannot live and work like this forever. I cannot deliver unsatisfactory goods in my new work. That's totally unacceptable. One of my mentors told me that I gave half-baked reports in the last two weeks. They were passable but not within my standards.

I have to get my drive back. In fact, I also have to get his drive back.
For the nth time: AKO BA 'TO?!

1. Half-baked reports. No depth marketing analysis. "Just passable" reports.
2. Non-show up at Mighty gimmicks. Shucks, so labonesss of me daw.
3. Physically present but mentally absent during family discussions and bondings.
4. Late nights doing NOTHING.
5. Time-in after 9:00 am.
6. Being too soft with our third party supplier.
7. Unable to squeeze bonding time with Aileen, Charo and Jako.
8. Long cellphone conversation with friends.
9. Emotional eating habits.
10. Cluttered desk at work. Messy room at home.
11. No time for DVD marathons.
12. OC on small stuff.
13. Several incoherent replies.
14. Inability to concentrate.
15. Always sleepy and dreamy.

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