Sunday, November 28, 2004


I've been meeting and re-connecting with friends these days. Just last night, I spent time with my bestest buddies from Honda - Bim & Olen (and little Nicole), Patty & Raymond and Deng & Jen (with their Hans) - at the Vela's at their Royale Tagaytay summer house. Yeah, I'm the seventh wheel again. Hah! I have no qualms nor complaints this time since I now have an almost "Abbie & _____". He even brought me to Tagaytay much to my friends' shock and surprise. They told me that it's a big score since he drove me all the way to our sleep-over despite his long drive back to Makati. Teeheehee.

I noticed that we are indeed growing up. Gone are the days of endless laughter and stories that last until the wee hours of the morning. There's no more agonizing who will will drink the last bottle/glass of red wine or beer. No more pangungulit and asaran. It's now replaced by tone-down-your-voice-the-baby-is-sleeping and the like. There were also short "discussions" and analysis about the lone single's (errr, that's moi!) lovelife - or the lack of it . Booze and beers were non-existent and was replaced by constant PS2 gaming. We were even contented with morning lounging and relaxing (while watching the babies) in our bed clothes rather than hitting the clubhouse with a round of badminton or basketball. Things definitely changed. We are truly growing up and facing responsibilities (or rather "they"). I even kidded Jen and Olen how hard it is to be mommys. Me and Patty can sleep whenever and wherever we want but they have to attend to their tiny tots' needs first. Last night's "adventure" was an eye-opener for me. Am I ready for this? Am I mature enough to take care of other people beside me? Beats me.

Ninang Abbie & Nicole * Hans Cole on a laugh trip
Bim & R2 "working" on Saturday (Have mercy Ichige-san!) * Ninang Abbie & Nicole
Abbie & Olen * Patty and Jen with the PS2 gamers
Tita Patty sleeping in full colors * "New girlfriend" Nicole joins Ninang and Mommy

ME: With Baby Nicole's pillow. :) Taken in between sleeps.
HIM: Got your MMS. You're soooo cute. :)


The whole family - mom, dad, Ched, Chay and Gabbie - fetched me at Bim & Olen's place and even stayed for a while to chat with the Velas. After several laughing trips, antics from Gabbie and entertainment (mostly coming from us), we went to Caleruega in nearby Nasugbu instead of going to our usual Pink Sisters route. The place is so nice. It's serene, peaceful and solemn. Their famous Transfiguration Chapel used to be one of my "dream wedding venues" (but not anymore due to several incidents in the recent past. haha!). While we were at the chapel, I also discovered something: Calla Lilies! Oooohhh, such beautiful flowers! There was an afternoon wedding and the church was full of it when we got there.

Me, the family, and the Transfiguration Chapel


Random Quote: How do you make the invisible, visible? Make them invisible.

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