Monday, November 29, 2004


I truly love this long weekend! It was well spent with the special people in my life.

Here are some elements that truly made my weekend great:

Friday: Driving with him to Tagaytay; dining and wining with him at Dencio's; strolling along Taal Vista Hotel with him; introducing him to my friends; bonding with Patty, Jen and Olen before sleeping at Royale Tagaytay

Saturday: Nice breakfast at the Velas; relaxing and lounging with Olen, Bim, Patty, Raymond, Jen and Deng in the morning; tripping to Caleruega with the family; dinner and coffee with the family; going on-line while the OC Sweetie is tinkering his car audio set-up.

Sunday Sleeping until I can't sleep anymore; going to mass with the family; dinner and drinking at Congo Westgate with Aileen, Charu, Jako and Kaloy; picture-picture whenever and wherever; endless videoke with the gang until the wee hours

Monday: Blogging; talking with him over the phone while raining outside; spending time with him at work; walking in the rain; singing in the rain; dinner at Friday's; quality time with him


I got a text from Aileen last Saturday inviting us to watch Nicholas Cage's National Treasure. As usual, she and Charo were the only ones who made it to the afternoon movie. The guys were still in deep slumber (because of previous night's drinking and bashing) while I was being my usual labo self.

LOG IN: 9:17 pm

USUAL SUSPECTS: Me, Aileen, Charo, Jako and Kaloy (Troy is absent due to "girlfriend engagement").

THE VENUES: Congo Grille, Westgate, Alabang, Shell SLEX, Seven Eleven & OTB

GASTRO DELIGHTS: Chicken Sisig (truly the BEST!), Grilled Liempo, Rice, San Mig Light, Vodka & Sprite, Piattos Sour & Cream, V-cut

TOYS: Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla, Nokia 7610, Sony Ericsson K700i (Aileen forgot her beloved digicam! Taga-Kodak ka ba talaga?! Hehe!), the Videoke Machine with the awesome microphone

"May girlfriend na ba si Mike?"
"O baket ka natatawa?"
"Kasi yung calamansi, sumabit. Diba, Charo?"

"This is my girlfriend, Aileen!"
"Whaaaat?! Ano?!"
"Naku, ang sakit non! I-deny ka ba!"

"Alam nyo, meant talaga etong gabi na 'to! Kasi, look, wala si _____ ngyon. O diba?"
"May girlfriend ka ba? Eh ikaw may boyfriend?"
"May song na si Aileen! Dedicated for you..."May Crush Ako Sa'yo!"

"Geez, you've known each other for 17 years?! What the heck are you waiting for?"
"I've known you guys for 13 years and until now we are still together? Grabe!"

"Buti na lang wala kang pang-blackmail sa akin!"
"Hah! Yan ang akala mo! May ibubuko akong dalawang tao ngayon!"

"Basta walang mag-te-text sa akin tomorrow para mag-pa-analyze ha!"
"Screw all of them! I want him for you! He can handle you!"
"Oo nga, ayaw ko din kay T___ for you!'

Abbie, Aileen, Charo, Jako & Kaloy

(More pics here.)

I don't sing! I don't like videoke gimmicks. I detest singing in public. BUT I truly had one helluva singing night with the gang at OTB! I even found my signature song: Chaka Khan's Through The Fire. Yeaaah! (No wonder its raining hard today!)

When I Met You
Through The Fire
Till My Heartaches End
I'll Never Get Over
Never Had A Dream Come True
Walang Kapalit
Friend of Mine
You Won't See Me Crying
Out of Reach
Even If
Kahit Isang Saglit
This Guy's In Love With You, Pare
Dreaming of You
Each Day With You
For The First Time

What are your videoke singing greats? Do share it to me via comment box!
I will surely go back and sing for more! Haha.

LOG OUT: 3:40 am



Song: Each Day With You by Martin Nievera
Book: Are You Afraid of the Dark by Sidney Sheldon
Movie: The Incredibles
Flowers: Calla Lilies
Magazine: Metro Weddings (Mai Cojuangco Cover)
Craving: Gerry's Grille's Cheesy Beef Caldereta
Cooking Greats: Caldereta
PC Game: The SIMS 2
Blog Site: Pazette's Turning Points

I super love today! It's raining hard...and there's no work! Uber-perfect cozy bed weather! :)

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