Sunday, December 19, 2004


I'll be preparing my Christmas list later tonight. Whatha..?! Yeah, been really really bad this year. I am only preparing the list now and I'll be giving my presents AFTER Christmas. Sorry, my friends. I dunno if it's the I-hate-malling-and-the-long-Christmas-line, the yet-to-be-release-bonus, or the ultimate pressure of having the BEST Christmas for me and the SOMEONE. I totally procrastinated Christmas this year.

You can start hating me now.

I've always been generous to my friends, God Daughters/Sons and loved ones come Christmas. I always give well-thought gifts, expensive stuff and I even give generic gifts to the multitudes. I give presents to everyone BUT me.

This year is different. I decided to celebrate ME and MY HAPPINESS. I refuse to give gifts just for the sake of giving. I refuse to give gifts because of pressure. I refuse to give gifts to people who doesn't count. My list will be shorter this year because I will only give gifts to people who made me happy this 2004.

Let's hope and pray that YOU will be on that list.

There's a letdown on my grand plan: when people start giving me gifts. I might be a Scroogie this year but I still have my guilt. *sigh*

I so love Flickr! Check (and comment) on my updated Flickr Photo Site. Enjoy!

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