Thursday, December 16, 2004


We had so much fun! We had a blast!

I will never forget my first Christmas Party at Carrier. We had it at The Palms Country Club at Filinvest, Alabang last night with almost everyone from both the Alabang and Cabuyao offices in attendance. The food was good (continental with japanese sushi bar, buffet-style), entertainment was superb and the department presentations were funny and hilarious. The theme of the party was "CACC goes Pinoy na Pinoy".

My friends and former officemates would surely be surprised when I tell them that I actually participated and danced in our group's presentation! Hah! It's something that I don't normally do in usual circumstances. I danced with Aimee and Imee the Muslim Fan Dance complete with make-up, costume, gold fans, pearls and the uber-snobby look. The 'moment' called for the a-list bitchy approach which I effortlessly projected. It was so funny! I recall so many cheers and jeers of "Abbie, Abbie! Go Abbie!" (led by Reggie, JP and Steve) while we present since the audience were desperately trying to distract me from my composure. Haha! We also staged other Filipino dances (Ati-atihan, Pandanggo sa Ilaw), OPM songs and a huge live production number (with drums and guitars) of Bamboo's Noypi. Sadly, we only placed second. Saaaaddddneeeesss!

I also worked up a sweat at the dance floor with Aimee, Bong and Rodel come par-tay time. Oohhhh, it was so nice! I felt so alive and fresh. Me?! On the dance floor? Hahaha! Since when? I only had one bottle plus random sips of beer from Mark and a red wine but I super swear I was so out of it come closing time. It must be because of my sushi-only dinner.

We had an ultimate grand time! And the best part? We will have another company Christmas Party tomorrow sans the Cabuyao people. My officemates told me that tomorrow's soiree dubbed as Red Party is the better occassion. Ooohhlalala!

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