Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Things definitely changed. I can 100% say that I am now in the "relationship-road".

One thing that lacks in an actual commitment is the sense of security which I now amazingly possess. I don't worry on those little issues anymore. I can now be myself and act how I want with the absence of the feeling of rejection.

However, we still haven't defined the US still. (Oh! Don't give me THAT look! I have my reasons!). Let me put it this way. One thing that I settled was the fact that time is on my side. It's my ally. I know what I want and I am willing to wait in vain until HE goes up from his denial stage. Ironically, I am the winner here. I know where I stand and I know the repercussion of my actions. He doesn't or at least he hasn't come to term with his yet. But he did admit to me that he's just in denial. Weird!

I dunno if I am JUST missing the signals and his not-so-subtle declaration of the "us" and that he indeed loves me. Whenever he tells me something about the "us" and "our status". I just laugh and make funny faces. Hello?! Ayoko ng patulan yung mga ganon 'no! I will let him initiate "THAT TALK". He owes me THAT much. My gut feel tells me that I am getting there especially with the holidays and all. We are even OC about our gifts to each other. One doesn't want to be outdone with the other (but I'll win this, hands down! will post about that in a few days).

Am I making any sense? My old blog readers can probably "connect" what I am saying to my previous posts and entries. Yep, HE's still very much visible in my life and things are definitely rosey. I just hope and pray that this will result into something good.

More at my Tabulas "Friends Only" blog.


~ I got my gown for Walter and Mabel's wedding on the 29th. Geez, I so love you, Mabel! Can you believe that this favorite childhood friend of mine asked me to wear MAROON tube and GOLD shoes for her grand day? Hay! Mahal talaga kita! I look like BIG Red Riding Hood on it. Me on a tube? Arrgh!

~ Just got off the phone with the HR Officer of this certain company. I am scheduled for FINAL interview on the 17th. The President and the Director for Sales and Marketing will be the interviewers. Wish me luck? To quote my favorite guy, "para sa kinabukasan ni Ace!", despite the fact that it will put distance between us.

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