Tuesday, January 25, 2005


"Don't say too much, it may be put against you in the future."

Whoever said that deserves a Nobel Prize.

Things are complicated in my life lately. Everyone - me, people and friends are so emotional these days (but has a lot to say). There are so many issues, so many complications and so many things to ponder upon. I need lesser hours these days to be able to escape from this emotional captiveness. Sleeping is even better since it provides instant get away from whatever I am feeling (or whatever I am dreading?).

I did a truly stupid thing days ago and I suddenly found myself...against the world. I have my reasons, I have my beliefs and I have my solid convictions. I can be wrong. There might come a time when I will look back at this episode of my life and just laugh and shrug. I know I am losing people because of this complicated complications. The weird thing is...I am saying one thing and standing up for something YET feeling and doing the exact opposite of what I am fighting for. Quite weird.

Another weirdness - whatever I am going through right now makes me stronger. After all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? I may whine, cry, complain and even curse... but I know that I would never ever fall. I even found peace within me. But they always say that there's calm before a storm, right? Watch out for fireworks then!

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