Thursday, January 27, 2005


Don't you just love that line? Every cloud has a silver lining. I am such a happy, positive person who always sees the good in the bad. It's true that I can be emotional, I get wary on small stuff, I am a worrywart, I have a lot of internal issues and baggages BUT whatever it takes, I always see the positive in the negative. I always see the silver lining. I am one of those sheltered, loved few who never outgrew the idea that the world is good and kind. I always have lots of love and care to give because I actually do get a lot in return.

On this thriving, confused moment in my life, I am (still) grateful to my select group of best friends, close friends, gimmick buddies and even on-line friends who patiently stands by me and who constantly reminds me that they will still be there despite my stubborness and my defensiveness on certain issues in my life. I guess THEY are the silver lining on this cloud I'm having. They are one of the positive, motivating force in my life. If God chooses to give me solitude rather than the life I aspire for, I know and I believe that my friends will still welcome and nurture me back in their arms. They will still give me the safe place which I am accustomed to. I am such a class-A biatch for thinking they are all against me. When I know that I am just being a brat who refuses to open her eyes because of overwhelming feelings. At least I am now stronger having known that there's a bunch of caring and loving people who will catch me for every fall that I will have.

Awww, I so love you guys! Ain't I so lucky?

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