Sunday, January 30, 2005


We haven't done this in years: a real REAL reunion.

Since most of us are now scattered all over the world, it became very hard for us to have our usual weekly Saturday reunions like what we had in the past. So, it was really great to have one of those crazy, fun-filled get-togethers again at San Pablo with The Clan yesterday. It was quite different this time since the third generation (where I belong) already outnumbered the first & the second in attendance, in kwentos and even in the food-binges and drinking sessions. It was truly great since a lot of my imported relatives are home right now, thus the reunion. Tita Chit will be staying for three-months before going back to her beloved New York; Tita Ina is in between jet-sets from London and LA; and Ryan (with his wife Kelly & son Riley) is vacationing since it's too hot in Adelaide right now. Here are some memorable snaps:

(1) The Real Women: 3rd Gen. Cousins & 2nd Gen, In-Laws
(2) Me, cousin Jamie & niece Gabbie
(3) Cousin Jaymee & Eliza with cousin-in-law Kelly & her cute Riley
(4) The Real's Third Generation *

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