Saturday, February 26, 2005

If you can't beat these (silly but enjoyable) surveys, answer them yourself. Another one of my blog fillers --- as if I don't have enough posts lately, huh? I got this from Arvee. Thanks, girl!

1) Brand and model of your handy phone?
Sony Ericsson K700i. I am not really a cellphone person anymore. It doesn't matter what I have.

2) What will you do if you see your boyfriend hugging another girl?
Make sure that she's not his mom or sister. If NOT, get my camera phone, take a snap, send it to him via MMS, and make it HIS problem.

3) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
What do you think?

4) Do you have your own room?
Yep. But I am dreaming of my very own studio unit lately.

5) Favorite pet?
Our Scottish Terrier - Bockner

6) One thing you can't live without?
My computer. What else?

7) Where do you live?
I am an Earthling. : )

8) What would you do if someone tells you he/she likes you?
Do nothing. Stuff like these makes me uncomfortable especially if the feeling is not mutual.

9) How are you feeling now?
Fine. Bored to death. A bit cranky because of nasty headaches. Eager to work soon BUT dying for a real vacation.

10) Where do you hangout?
At my room, in front of the PC; coffee shops with the girls; mall/restos/Tagaytay with Honda pals; and nice, intimate restos with Mark.

11) What are you good at?
Talking non-stop about anything and everything under the sun; tinkering with my PC and computer programs; cooking (according to me!); speaking (I actually have declamation awards to speak of! hah!); organizing anything (from big events to small gathering and getaways with friends); feeding egos and nurturing souls (ask my friends!); cheering up one's mood; and loving.

12) What is it about a person you can't stand?
Inconsiderate. Uncaring and uninvolved. Too textbook. Arrogance with nothing between the ears. Too presumptuous. Know-it-alls. Bores.

13) What do you want?
Too many to mention. But for the meantime, I want a career that would give me the satisfaction of waking up early each morning with a smile on my face.

14) A word that describes you?

15) What is your dream?
It's not for the Internet too know. ;)

16) Day or night?

17) Sunset or sunrise?
Sunset. I was just looking at some of my sunset snaps earlier and I realized that they are one of the most beautiful "creations" ever. Sunsets are always joyful ocassions to be shared and celebrated. Ohhhh, the circle of life!

18) Like a romantic boyfriend?
Who wouldn't?

19) What is it about the opposite gender that attracts you?
His mind and his conversation skills.

20) Are you an independent person?
I think I am am.

21) Do you like school?

22) Are you stubborn?
They said.

23) Do you believe in God?
I surely do.

24) Your favorite sport?
Swimming. I so love the water! I also love watching other water sports, gymnastics, basketball and tennis.

25) Do you believe in fate?
Yes, to a certain degree.

26) Do you get pissed off easily?
Yep, at times. But I'm really trying to control it. Maximum tolerance at all times.

27) Do you like your parents?
Yep, I do. Love 'em.

28) Are you a materialistic person?
If I have lots of money to spare BUT I'm usually practical (and a thrift. and a cheapskate).

29) Do you believe in love?
Yep. I love to love! I believe in the magic of it.

30) Will you get a tattoo?
Nope. I cannot even get a henna.

31) Smoke?
Second degree smoker. Haha!

32) Clubbing?

33) Will you forgive your boyfriend if he cheats on you?
Forgive? Yes. Forget? No. Get back together? No. If he can do it once, he can do it again and again.

34) Will you expect your boyfriend to forgive you?
I know the disastrous feeling of how it is to be cheated. I don't cheat and will not ever.

35) Were you on a trip recently?
I had a very nice weekend at Anilao, Batangas two weeks ago where I had my memorable Intro Dive. I will also do some trekking with cousins on the 5th to check some long-forgotten property near Banahaw AND I am also PG-bound on the 18th! Wooohooo!

36) Favorite country?
Philippines. France. Italy. The US.

37) Are you impatient?
Yep, I am. I hate the agony of waiting.

39) Do you organize parties often?
I used to organize big parties and events for my ex-ex company. I also organize small gathering of friends every now and then.

40) Do you have good friends?
I am blessed with fantastic friends

41) Do you think you are good looking?
This is a trick question.

42) Do you care about looks?
I am such a vain BUT I am not a girly-girl. Gets?

43) Do you think that you're a good girlfriend?

45) Do you quarrel with people easily?
Hahaha. Hindi.

46) Are you forgiving?
Yep. 70 x 7.

47) Do you get hurt easily?

48) Do you prefer girl with long or short hair?

Mine is long.

49) Do you prefer guys wit long or short hair?
In between. Not too short, not too long. Just right.

50) Is your hair colored?
It's natural brown

51) Are you a romantic partner?
I am. Diba? : )

52) Do you wear a watch?
I surely do. I feel empty without my KC.

53) What color of clothes do you like?
Hahaha! Is this a question? Hmmm, black, black, red, black, blue, black, orange, black, black.

54) Will you chose love or money?
Love, love, love.

55) Do you prefer to sleep or to eat?
Slumber 24/7

56) White or black?

57) Pink or red?

60.) Final message to the one you love?
Tama na pagbabasa ng blog and get back to work. Those LDS projects are waiting. :)

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